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Shadow Seeker Boss Fight! Spawn of Maldeja

Here we have the final boss of the demo, the Spawn of Maldeja. The result of a curse and fabled deity of an ancient tribal legend.

Shadow Seeker Boss Fight (Spawn of Maldeja)

Maldeja will slam its arm on the ground in a brutal manner and can cover a lot of ground to damage you, don't take its range lightly! This will deal 2 damage.

When at close range, Maldeja will open its mouth wide and attempt to maul you. Once caught in its jaws, it will deal massive damage. At lower health, it will automatically kill you, resulting in a gruesome death animation.

Spawn Fling
While at far range, Maldeja will spawn offspring of the damned. The undead babies will cover the boss and absorb your bullets before they hit the boss. They can also trap you or deal damage if they are close. Instead of wasting bullets on them, it is heavily recommend to use your knife to get them out of the way easily.

Abomination Hardening
Periodically during the encounter, Maldeja will turn a greyish color and harden its skin to a maximum. During this time, any bullets fired at her will automatically ricohet off and hit the player, dealing 1 damage.

Phase 2
At half health, Spawn of Maldeja will enter its second phase along with a change in music. It will retain all its regular mechanics, just at a faster pace.

Slug Slither
Exclusive to Phase 2, Maldeja will take a slug like form and slither fast across the area. It can be used to close the distance against you, or knock you down for 1 damage and stun you for a bit if you are caught in its path.