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#ZoriasGame is a metroidvania. (No official name yet.) inspired in Momodora 4,
CHASM and many other games.


Demo will always feature the same amount of gameplay. (From start to Town.)
Current Ver. 3.1

You play as Zoria Dunne, an adventuress half orc, eager to explore the world.
You end up trapped in this mysterious island covered by a dense fog filled with strange monsters, without your friends, Chocolo and Dhorgos.
Confused, you start walking around trying to find your friends with no clear direction.
Take your time exploring the ruins, forest and caves looking for your lost friends.
Once you reach the town you'll start the real adventure.

-Game may have some bugs.
-Some animations are still in development.
-SFX/Music is not definitive.
-Controller may not work 100% (Mine is broken so I can't test.).
-Still working on Combat mechanics.
-When you die you lose part of your soul, but there's no game over yet.


High Res pixel art portraits for character in Message System.
Dodge mechanics that consume Stamina.
Ingame inventory with 4 different categories. (Inventory doesn't pause game.)
Smooth movement.
30 min + Aprox of gameplay.
1 Boss Fight. (Still in development.)
Simple quest system.
Voice lines for Zoria (Voice Actress)


A full explorable island filled with caves, ruins and more!
Secret Bosses and secrets.
Combat mechanics that feel good.
Unique NPCs, there're no random NPCs around (Woman, Man, Kid, etc.) Everyone has it's own name, story, etc. (But they may not tell you yet!)
A lot of tools to progress the story and defeat enemies.
A full set of rings with effects you can unlock.
Map of the game that unlocks as you progress.
Upgrade system for weapon and tools.
Side quests for NPCs with their own side story.

I'll be glad with any kind of constructive feedback you have!
Join my Discord and share thoughs, report bugs, and suggest stuff!
Check out my Twitter for updates and progress!
And if you want, you can support me at Patreon!*
*: I make +18 content in my Patreon aside from the game. So beware.

Arrow Keys = Movement
Z = Attack.
X = Jump. (+ Down to jump through platforms.)
C = Roll. (+ Direction)
Q/W = Usables. (Also equips the usables.)
I = Inventory.
V = Interact and accept.


Hello there, I'm Alejandro, but everyone online knows me as AllFenom.
I started making pixel art a few years ago, and got into game dev like 3 years ago.
I'm still learning pixel art, and improving everyday.
I've been working on #ZoriasGame for 2 years now.
I'm 28 years old.

I hope you like the game, and remember this is an Alpha.

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Subscribed! This is looking beautiful, gorgeous pixel art as well! :) keep up the good work
Subscribed! This is looking beautiful, gorgeous pixel art as well! :) keep up the good work

Thanks a lot!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Oh! I didn't realize the game I constantly retweet was on RMN!
That looks awesome, looking forward for more pics :D
That looks awesome, looking forward for more pics :D

Thanks :D Most of the progress you can find it at twitter!
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