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Where the Moon Goes At Night as a featured game!

I say this a lot on this page, but I feel like a broken record whenever I talk about how thankful I am that all of you've been playing through Where the Moon Goes At Night. It's outstanding: I read almost all comments I can find and it seems that reception is typically quite positive, some people even claiming that the game's quality is on the same level as Space Funeral or OFF. That's outstanding to hear, and although it makes developing Beetle Ninja (my upcoming second game) a little bit stressful, I still think it's a major accomplishment.
As of writing this post, Where the Moon Goes At Night has a little over 13K page views, and a little over 1K downloads (this only counts for download pages, if I were to include websites like Spriter's Resource or Starmen.net, the number of views would easily be far greater). Where the Moon Goes At Night has quickly become by far my farthest reaching work, and I must admit it makes me a little nervous about living up to it with my follow up project, "Beetle Ninja", however I'm very glad that there's still a (fairly large) crowd for classical-styled RPGMaker games.
I hope to see you for the livestream!