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A game made for the 48 owl Gammak event.
The game is a little like a level based flappy bird with collectables. In each level you have to collect enough food to feed your owlets and avoid the traps. Its a short game and a perfect playthrough will take about 11 minutes but it is more likely to take you longer. If you don't collect enough food to feed your Owlets some or all of them will die. If they all die then its game over so on some levels you may need to either take chances trying to collect hard to reach food or just carry on knowing that an owlet is going to die.

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  • grindalf
  • Blitz3D
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  • 12/08/2019 10:50 PM
  • 01/27/2020 01:21 AM
  • 12/08/2019
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Gave this a try, as a fan of flappy bird back when it was everywhere, haha. Managed to beat it without losing any owl!
You did a good job with this game ^^, taking in count the 48-hour event.

Overall, the music is well distributed. Just curious, were the graphics made by you?
I'd say the difficulty is fine, though one of the elements from flappy bird was missing: losing the level if the player fell down. There were instances where I could stay on the bottom of the screen without doing anything until food appeared, so, that's something I'd change.
Also, the obstacles are a bit repetitive. More variety would've been nice, something like an enemy owl or bats during the cave-like level.

Anyway, the game was enjoyable. Keep up the good work~
glad you enjoyed it. most of the graphics were made by me(except the rock, cactus, vines and city backdrop although they all needed editing) music is from Incomptech because if I made music you wouldn't want to listen to it :P
I was thinking of adding enemy owls but I hadn't considered bats for the cave level. I probably wont touch this game again though but if I do I will be adding those things. Thanks :D
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