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Release Date Set!

The game is going live on February 20th, 2020! It will be available on Itch.io & Steam.

Be sure to follow and put it on your wishlists!


Release Soon!

The game has been given to Patreon members for early access and will be available to the general public (through Itch & Steam) very soon! I am SUPER EXCITED to be at this point, and thank everyone who helped me get this far with it!

Progress Report

Development Update!

This is pretty much the first public update (aside from some twitter posts) I've made about the game, so...awesome! The development is going well, with only a few sessions for bug hunting and the wait for art assets before it's finalized and ready to be put on itch.io & Steam. Who knew something born from a flippant comment/challenge would blossom into my first game?

If anyone is interested in trying out the game, it's currently in Closed Beta v0.98 and I could use one or two more pairs of eyes on it before it goes gold. Just let me know.
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