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Seth Emit has ran away from home and quit their job as the one to turn the wheel of time. It's not like anyone actually has to turn it, after all. It's mostly a ceremonial position unneeded in peaceful times.

After the events of An Owl in the Night, Thoren had discovered themself to be nonbinary, and logically, knew that they had a duty to tell another version of themself of their revelation.

But was Seth ready for it?
not at all.

Upon showing up to a space diner, they meet a detective by the name of Sydney. They've been having trouble trying to solve a recent murder case. Seth, having killed people before, offers to help them solve the case, if only to distract them from their most recent crisis of identity.

This game was originally created for the 2019 secret santa for psy_wombats.

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  • Completed
  • lavendersiren
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Visual Novel
  • 01/06/2020 07:33 PM
  • 01/07/2020 08:50 AM
  • 12/22/2019
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