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Should I Polish Up This One?

Hey. So, I felt very unsatisfied with bits and pieces of this game. I'm frankly surprised it got the recent traction that it did. So uh, should I refine this game and keep the first draft version available too? Lemme know? ._.


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Be careful ! I'm French
The game is very nice as it is.

I'm currently doing 20-minute (at most) plays of each game with a little review at the end.

Dates at the Glided Dallah ended with a nice 15/20. (4 games reviewed, the best score for now)
Strong points:
"8-bit" style, nicely drawn
Easy story
Interesting dialogues

Weak point:
Dialogues are hard to understand for non-English people like me (well, I did understand most of them but other players may not)

My conclusion:
A very charming 8-bit love story. We have someone who worked hard for the mono-map romance theme! Good!
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
I see! Sorry that the dialogue is hard to understand for non-English readers. If there's any way I can make translation easier, let me know? I've been told the font is hard to read due to how I formatted it.

I'm glad you liked it as it is, though. There are bits I'm not happy with but I can take the advice given moving forward. And do let me know when the play-and-review is finished? If there's English subtitles at the least, I'd be interested to check it out.
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