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- Alex Anomaly: A Cave Story fangame about avenging Toroko -
Somewhere, in a gloomy street.. There was a shapeshifter named "Viktoro", who had a hatred for Soas (Balrog's kind) ever since what happened with Toroko.

Then, there was Alex. He was... A familiar someone who was Frankenstein'd by Viktoro to wipe out the Soas. Alex doesn't want to do it, but he has no choice but to follow his orders.

On this day of night, Alex will be forced to murder the Soas and the other remaining rivals who have wronged Toroko in the past. If he is to disobey Viktoro's commands, then it clearly won't end well..
-Content warning-

Alex Anomaly contains themes, such as: 

-- Mild language (With words such as "damn" or "bastard").

-- Violence.

-- Blood.

-- Grimdark imagery.

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I was playtesting the newer demo and I forgot to fix the tilesets for a few areas in Alex's House! My bad.. But now that's been fixed.

Enjoy the new patch!
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  • TheLemonLime
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  • 04/28/2020 06:30 PM
  • 11/10/2023 01:39 PM
  • 12/20/2023
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Hey everyone, I'm very sorry for being so late. But I'm kinda surprised that this was now accepted.
I will put a download link to this game.
THANK YOU SO MUCH to whoever accepted this.

P.S. This game will have a huge update very soon. I cannot really confirm when it's coming out, but I do want to make sure that this update will be very good.

11/9/2023: Time surely flies. The "update" I was talking about has already come out and it's now been purged and wiped off the internet along with the other earlier builds of Alex Anomaly that came before the great story change.

(Yes, this game now has lost media.. But I highly beg you all to not go searching for these builds or even bring them back from the state of being lost to time. There were reasons as to why I had to take them down.)

P.S. I still thank the RPGMaker.net staff to this day for accepting this fangame. Thank you Liberty and the other person who accepted this submission.
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