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Foolish mortals. Only I, the Ideal Star, am worthy to guide and lead this pathetic factions to the perfect Ideal World.

Hello darling, you are the perfect Ideal minion of Ideal Star. And your objective is to deal with those disgustingly ugly monsters that guard each of their so-called masters. I will deal with the masters myself. You, however, must fight within a 3x3 Grid against those fugly monsters created by these...."masters". Enough chit-chat, now go forth minion! My Ideal world awaits.

Ideal was inspired by megaman battle network style games. It's a short game that finishes around 10-20 minutes, I think.

This game was made during Theme Roulette 3, in which my roulette are:
Pic:Frogge's mad picture
Word: Ideals
Resource: Mirak's font

Other resources used from resource event
Using only one resource given by the event is for nubs.
Mirak's monster(Cat)
KatanaHiroshi's monster(Blue Void), gameover
Waka's Berry Portrait
TheRPGMakerAddict's berry monster
JustAShyDoge(me)'s monster(butterfly), animation.

Latest Blog

Bug Fix for a more Ideal World 1.0

-Fixed an issue which literally breaks the whole game in level 1 and 3.

For those who knows a bit about unity:
I skipped an Audiosource component thinking it was ok because certain monsters had no damage sfx. Turns out this is ok in editor mode, but NOT in release mode, it literally breaks everything in release mode!(Collision, input etc)

-Adjusted level 2 melee animation to be more accurate to its attack time.
  • Completed
  • JustAShyDoge
  • Unity
  • Action Shooter RPG
  • 05/30/2020 10:04 AM
  • 06/13/2020 11:37 AM
  • 05/30/2020
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  • 18