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Take on the role of a bank robber and perform successful heists. Purchase your gear, hire your crew, plan your entry and escape while avoid alerting the police. Complete your mission with all guns blazing OR do it the professional, stealthy way.

Your brother owed the local mob $1 million and you are forced to carry his debt after his death. As an ex-robber, you are given 4 days to amass and repay the debt by committing various heists. Will you be able to pay on time and survive? Or should you spend the money on forged documents to escape instead?

- 4 heist locations, highly replayable and interactive maps, filled with many hidden ways to complete the mission
- 10+ weapons and gears to purchase
- Hire a crew OR be a lone professional
- 6 endings, up to 30 mins playtime per playthrough, speedrun friendly
- Atmospheric soundtracks

Latest Blog

Meta City Heist II is coming soon!

I'm making a standalone sequel of Meta City Heist! It will introduce new and expanded gameplay elements with an entirely new storyline and characters. Stay tuned!


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Original idea! Not bad so far, I am almost at the end... but I see much replayability!
This was definitely a fun game. I like how there is no one solution to each of the heists. Although, having a story other then your brother getting you into loads of debt and character banter(after heists and/or at home). I think with these two additions it may liven up the game even more.
Cool idea of combining puzzle rpgmaker game with the heist genre
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