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Paradise Delta is an adult humor retro RPG that hearkens back to that awkward period of emergent technology between the SNES and Playstation era.

A throwback to a simpler time with modern conveniences like onscreen enemies, saving anywhere, crafting, and deep customization.

Paradise Delta tells the story of a company called Eneden and its attempts to build an entertainment and vacation paradise in the unique dimension of Enetoria.

Years after Eneden runs out of money and the project is shut down, many people still find themselves trapped in what was once a utopia.

Our heroes are largely resigned to their new way of life and making due.

What can shake up these slackers and remind them of what's at stake?

Sometimes saving the world needs to wait a few decades.

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Demo pulled

​Paradise Delta is a work in progress. While the feedback has been largely positive, the negatives have been fairly consistent with the reviews received so far. I do not want your first experience to be some of these issues. Please allow me the opportunity to address and present a newer version. For now, the demo will not be available for download. Please contact me for any feedback or questions.
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  • Demicrusaius
  • RPG Maker MV
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  • 07/12/2020 05:46 AM
  • 07/30/2021 06:48 PM
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If you add a CRT scan line to the game, the effect will be better.
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