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Content Warning: As all my games, this one's rated Teen / PG-13. However, it also contains transphobia, used by not-so-nice people. Player discretion is advised.

Before she was Raziya, she was Ashur.

Born and raised as a boy, Ashur was an ex-thief, given a job by a manipulative mother, who lived in a broken home.

Inspired by the heroics of her late father, Ashur couldn't find a means to be the person she was meant to be.

With only her best friend Jengo at her side, Raziya believed that she would only ever be seen as a he.

However, encouraged by those who would listen and bolster her inner self, Raziya would cease be a child called Ash...

A Child Called Ash is a prologue to "A Maned Lioness", taking place even further back in Raziya's young adult life. For the themes of Fifty Days of Representation, I'd decided to cover Raziya's status as a transgender woman once more. However, I hope that other themes of representation might be covered.

Features include:
  • A playtime of ~25 minutes if you do everything; a short adventure as always from me
  • JRPG battles to put the player in the (lack of) shoes of the protagonist... because VX Ace
  • Probably the best cutscene eventing and sound mixing I've done thus far (I sure hope so, most of the game is cutscenes >_>)
  • A cameo to an RMN user who helped me in the early stages of this project; I hope he likes the references ;3
  • Perhaps the darkest story I've told thus far in a game
  • A story that conveys Raziya's identity, beyond even her gender

Credits: Assets

Credits: Scripts

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Looking great! Can't wait to play it!
Me too! I agree, the Maned Lioness was a cute little game and I wanted more! ^_^
Probably the best cutscene eventing and sound mixing I've done thus far (I sure hope so, most of the game is cutscenes >_>)

Sounds interesting for sure. Good luck with this project, I can't wait to play it.
Hey Atiya! I played the game and I could tell you put much love into it.

This is a really short and cute 8-bit inspired text-driven game (that was a lengthy definition). I'm a bit familiar with the main character and have read quite a bit about her through other media so it was easier to get into the world setting and her motives. Regardless, I think it does an excellent job and the game works well as a prologue of a more meaty story but also as an event game, particularly regarding the topic at hand. It's also nicely written.

I'm normally more keen on the game play aspects, which is obviously not the main point here, but still enjoyed my time with it. The music selection is also worth noting!

Congratulations!! ^^
Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
Hi! So, would you consider this to be a demo or a completed game? I mean, the end credits hint at an upcoming game, and I'd like to know if this game counts as a demo to that, or just a prequel/sequel.

I'm asking because I have to decide if I'm going to post my impressions as a review or as a project page comment.

Nevermind, I just read the description. Posting it as a review, will probably take a while to show up, though.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Hey, folks. I was made aware of a slight bug with movement speed after a certain point; will give a quick bugfix sometime today (it's 12:31 AM for me, so after I get up).

Nevertheless, I am honored for the love this game has gotten. I'm both excited and apprehensive for Gregtor's review, as well as Liberty playing it on-stream. I'll probably write a blog entry on this gamepage at some point. For now... thank you. All of you.
This was a short, intense experienced and I liked it.

As people said on the reviews, it could have been improved with a higher degree of interaction. But knowing it's a story-driven game, it shines on what it's supposed to. Congrats on making it. I have no doubt writing this game was an extremely emotional experience in itself.
Ok finished and sent a review. In the meantime I can say that I liked this as much as A Maned Lioness... I missed the mini-jrpg parts of the first (inventory and equip management, exploration and action) but I liked writing and cutscenes (and also sounds) much more.
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