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This game has been created over about two weeks (from 16th of October to the 31th of October) for the Kill the Cutie event and Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam. It's available for Windows and macOS.

Now also playable in a browser HERE!

A number of students from Johan Winter's Academy in Alaska have decided to spend the winter break on the university campus instead of returning home for the holidays. Christmas is at hand and the remaining students and faculty members are making preparations for the celebration.

You play as Alistair Morgan, the Resident Advisor to the other students and an heir to a sizeable fortune. He has a strained relationship with his father, who disapproves of his choice to study at a less prestigious school far away instead of following the family tradition. Alistair hopes to simply spend some time with his girlfriend, Natalia, as well as his friends instead of suffering another Christmas celebration with his demanding family. And as everyone joins in the celebrations, he does too. Unfortunaly, it won't be as simple as he hopes. And as everything goes wrong at once, it will be up to him to rescue his friends, while monsters stalk the hallways.

The game features monsters patrolling the different areas of the school, triggering a chase if they spot the player. Monsters have a different detection radius depending on whether the player character is currently running, walking or standing as well as depending on the direction the monster is facing. There
are also the keelut, whose sighting brings only trouble. And of course, the
great wolf Amarok starts its hunt soon enough...

There is also a cold weather system, which triggers a game over if Alistair spends too long outside in the freezing cold. The positions of the different characters you need to rescue are also random, adding some replayability. If you trigger a Game Over, you can press Enter to skip the long Game Over animation.

Latest Blog

Version 1.2.5 and browser version released!

Version 1.2.5 released!

- You can now turn in place while holding W.

- You can now jump by pressing Q. This will allow you to jump over monsters should the player character become trapped in a narrow passage with no way out. Jump has a cooldown of 16 seconds.

Also added a browser version.
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  • 10/22/2020 09:46 AM
  • 12/23/2020 10:11 PM
  • 10/31/2020
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