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I need your help! <3

I am moving into commercial game dev, & I wish to ask for aid. Steam reviews, I heard, help a game reach more players. & it would mean the world to me if anyone who's played Rave Heart left a review on the Steam page. Thank you so much! ^_^ <3 As I develop BlueSkies 3 into my next commercial RPG maker game, I will need a lot of help reaching more people via Rave Heart. & your reviews help me achieve that if you have already played it! Much love! <3



UPDATE! 3.5 is up!


It's been so long, but don't worry I'm still working on this project, life's just been super busy last year, but here I am now with a new update! :D No story-related update though, just polishing the demo as it is! :D

I present to you all, Blue Skies 3 Demo version 3.5:


- New cast animations for each characters.
- Player Buffs/Debuffs skills are no longer stackable.
- Player Buffs/Debuffs skills' power have also been reduced.
- Spirit Herb item no longer gives bonus Ailment immunity for 2 turns upon use.
- Enemy stats have been tweaked to achieve balance (not too hard or easy hopefully).
- Fixed some bugs and typos.
- State tooltips are now available. You can simply hover your mouse over a state and read its effects.
- Enemies now display their elemental property as passive states above them instead of showing it beside their names.
- New Battle Backgrounds.
- Changed Boss BGM.

Hope you all enjoy! Feedback is appreciated! ^_^


BlueSkies 3 demo is up!

Hello everyone! <3 <3 BlueSkies 3 demo is now up! Sorry I couldn't upload a direct link since I encounter some issues doing it. :( X( But hopefully, you guys get to enjoy it!! Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback! :D
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