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Version 1.9 is now available!

  • Ikoru
  • 01/21/2023 09:37 AM
Patch 1.9 has been released to bring some general improvements:

-Fixed a mistake in the Title's ilustration.
-Improved the english translation (some typos have been corrected as well)
-Added a visual indicator for the action timed sequence of the protagonist's punching attack, this will make attacking easier. Reduced the amount of frames in which the character can press the Z key to avoid it becoming too easy.
-Reduced the amount of evade frames from Fullari's attack.
-Improved the animation and timing of Osezno's attack
-Improved Stella's face art.


1. Extract the game in a folder.
2. Move the .rvdata2 files from the old folder into the new one.
3. Play.