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v0.4.0 Demo Release and Current Status

I've uploaded the new v0.4.0 for you all to play. Originally, I wanted to include one more area in this release, but development is currently on hiatus so it was not included. The reason I uploaded this update early is for some upcoming streamer/YouTube playthroughs. Changes as follows:

-Added roughly 2 hours of new content
-Added a new playable party member
-Reworked encounters; most blue enemies have been removed and the density of red enemies has been made more consistent
-Red enemies will become blue enemies and no longer chase you when your party out-levels them
-Known issue: sometimes enemies can be much slower than intended just after leveling or certain events

Note that this version is not compatible with old save files. You will need to start a new game. This is due to many event IDs being changed around which can cause chests or cutscenes to reset in old save files.