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Ara Fell Right Into My Heart!

  • Arcmagik
  • 03/02/2017 01:13 AM
The Quest for the lost JRPG of old is what lead me to Game Development through RPG Maker. I am nothing but an amateur to the likes of Badluck and the people that helped with Ara Fell. This game has blown me away with how engaging it is. I don't have much time to even play video games, but I have clocked almost 7 hours into this game. That is quite a lot for me... Every game that I have brought recently I have less than 45 minutes (except for one PS4 game). I am not sure how far I am into the game, but I want to continue to go back to it every time I think of sitting down to play something. There are just to many games coming at me all the time... the ADHD doesn't help but once I am in front of Ara Fell I don't put it down until I am ready to leave or sleep.

The storyline is top notch with simple dialogue that really makes you feel for the characters. There is enough additions to catch a glimpse of the intrigue that is happening in Ara Fell... and every time I see an elf on the screen I feel like they are hiding something from me!

Now let me tell you something... the fact that this game was made in RM2k... blows me away. I feel like we lost some art in the newer RPGMakers that was there in the olden days. Everything I look at this game from the standpoint of a game development my impression of the game grows exponentially. The usage of the sprites to the beautiful mapping and the combat system... all of it shows a skill in the RM Engine that is getting rarer by the year. I tip my hat to Badluck and hope to see what they have in development for the future!


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Much appreciated, and very flattering! I also tend to have trouble really getting into games, particularly jRPGs. My goal was to create something people who get bored with jRPGs could enjoy, and it's awesome to hear I was able to do that.
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