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The game is set in the newly discovered lands of Mysteria where ancient ruins and dungeons are plentiful.
You loot dungeons for great treasures and once you get a thousand or more gold you can retire your character and open a shop and then start all over again with a new character.
this gives you the chance to visit your previous characters shop and buy much needed equipment and the more characters you retire the bigger your town will grow.
All dungeons are procedurally generated. Combat is fast and action packed with procedurally generated Weapons, Armor and spells.

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Dungeons of Mysteria has been finished.
It is now available on itch at

It has been a long journey trying to finish my first commercial game, a lot of unfinished games, a lot of small projects that were not good enough for a commercial release but here it is, I eventually did it.

For anybody who picks it up, enjoy the dungeons and the death. For anybody unsure there is a demo available on the itch page to try out. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.
  • Completed
  • Commercial
  • grindalf
  • Blitz3D
  • Action Adventure RPG
  • 04/27/2021 03:57 PM
  • 10/01/2021 08:41 AM
  • 12/01/2021
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