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Sandstone v2.3 Changes

  • akoniti
  • 05/11/2021 06:21 PM
Much thanks to TheRPGMakerAddict for the review, which inspired
the first five changes:

- Exploited cliff shrub tile priority error.

- Added new NPC in Sandstone camp.

- Stopped use of airship from effecting BGM.
(thanks to Zevia for the plugin)

- Added option to process a single Balm to hidden herbalist.

- Slightly altered color of passable grass tile.

- Added final smash at the Ship

- Softer new menu SEs.

- Various map tweeks in Sandstone and Sowthin, others.

- Fixed first stone smashed explaining mechanics twice.

- Fixed lategame bug that caused missing dialog with key characters.

- Fixed bug with abandoned town parralax during Act 2.

- Fixed game-locking bug when Droppre is first met if player moves left immediately after smashing Granite.