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On the first day, the Holy King created the heavens and the Demon King created the earth.

On the second day, the Holy King created a hero to seal away the Demon King. The Holy King named the hero Alexander and bestowed upon him the four holy relics:

The helmet, Tarnhelm...
The shield, Aegis...
The breastplate, Judgment Armor...
And the sword, Excalibur...

But the strength of the relics alone were not enough, and Alexander fell in battle.

The Holy King resurrected Alexander, and created twelve gemstones to augment his strength. After another perilous fight, Alexander defeated the Demon King. The Holy King now ruled over both the heavens and the earth.

On the seventh day, The Holy King entrusted Alexander with a kingdom to rule. But to keep this kingdom, each of Alexander’s descendants must journey to the heavens and renew their earthly dominion.

And so, Alexander accepted the gift and named his kingdom Alexandria. Now, generations and generations after, there is another who must journey to the heavens…

  • Cute, pixel-perfect graphics!

  • Eleven playable characters, each with distinct job identities!

  • Classic, turn-based combat!

  • A simple, Dragon-Quest-inspired UI!

  • An adjustable encounter rate!

  • Non-linear game progression!

  • Shapeshifting, fast travel and saving in churches!

  • A post-game superboss!

  • Estimated 5~10 hours of playtime!

Latest Blog

Available now!

EXCALIBURIAN!! is now available for download. The entire game can be played from beginning to end, but please let me know if you run into any bugs! I'll also probably be making some small changes here and there as time goes on.

Update Log:

v1.01: Removed fixed-width lettering in the title, made it so that you're able to click past the title screen with the mouse and added an additional BGM.

v1.02: Fixed some typos and edited a few battle animations. Added a fix to help alleviate audio delay for computers with lower specs (see readme file).

v1.03: Title screen has been tweaked (different BGM and font, added parallax scrolling in the background of the letters). Added a reward for beating the post-game boss. Added back fixed-width lettering in the title.

v1.1: Many small changes (dialogue, fixed passability errors, fixed character sprite mistakes). Added a new area, the Moon (able to access through the Fairy Forest). Added a new boss, the Undead Knight.

v1.11: Made it so you are no longer able to dock the ship at the World Tree, as it led to some confusion when searching for a story-related item. Title screen now has a smooth fade in and a separate BGM for both the title itself and the title command screen.

v1.12: Updated some item descriptions, added a color indication for equipment stat changes, made slight adjustments to some skills, added a few more hints for the Vangaria questline. Added back in the ability to dock your ship at the World Tree; now, a "bump" sound plays for the story-related searchable location nearby.

v1.13: Removed the colored indications for equipment stat changes, as a bug sometimes occurred where the stat change wouldn't display at all; other minor miscellaneous changes.
  • Completed
  • Rouhana
  • RPG Maker MV
  • RPG
  • 07/10/2021 01:43 AM
  • 11/29/2021 11:19 PM
  • 08/20/2021
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Pages: 1
Looks great! It's refreshing to see something like this done in one of the newer RM engines.

Best of luck! :)
This looks good! Subbed! :)
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
So trippy seeing all of these 2k3(ish?) assets in MV, haha. Looking good!
notorious rpgmaker 2k3 shill
This is so dang cute. Excellent stuff. C:
@Rouhana: Please accept my friendship request on Steam.
I am writing a guide to this game and want to check if I have found all Ancient Coins so far (and secret passages).

I found 25 and am currently exploring the already visited towns with the shapeshifting.
Hello Firefly84, thank you for your interest in writing a guide! I just posted an Ancient Coin location guide here on this page. Please let me know if you have trouble finding any.
There are some errors in your Ancient Coins List:

Like "77. Pirate Hideout " is not a Coin but a Headline.
The Coin found in the Leviathan is missing as well.

Even with my list I somehow missed one two to write down.
It is difficult to recreate as I only screenshoted those found not in objects.
The error was most likely in Vangaria, Tycrus, Avalon or the Casino town (to worse to spell it now). Sadly I had to reload because I don't want to be labeled as a murderer and haven't saved for some time.

I should have found all Ancient Coins on the Worldmap without flying (24 of 25).

I still have to learn how to fly to the fairy forest and the tower and the lone tree island should be the world tree but I can't find anything there yet.
Thank you for letting me know about the Ancient Coin guide error--it was a mistake I made while formatting the guide. I just edited it with the correct information.

Fortunately, you can always change your name by asking the old man usually found in inns. It will even work if you're labeled as a murderer. I'm sorry that you reloaded...I hope you at least found the event amusing!

The lone tree is indeed the World Tree! If you search directly on top of the tile the tree is located, you may find a World Tree Fruit, but only if you already don't have one in your inventory. However, if you are in your ship and search one tile directly north of the tree (one tile to the northwest and one tile to the northeast also work) your character will find Posidonia, which allows you to breathe underwater (just like in my last game).

If you're able to equip Excalibur, here's a hint to learn how to obtain the Hot-Air Balloon: Montgolfier of Mersina is looking for a heat source that will never die out--an "eternal flame."
My finished guide and a worldmap with location names can be downloaded here.

I have found a total of 137 Ancient Coins - but even I couldn't recreate where I have found 2-3 of them.
Ancient Coins lying on the floor have a screenshot each.

The Guide has not only my Ancient Coin List but also a character guide.

As the Status Nuts will give 1-3 points at random, it is a boring item to use (you cannot spam eating them).
So I have no clue what the max. stats are.
Thank you, Firefly! Great job. The maximum value for each stat (including HP and MP) is 999.
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