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Available now on Steam!

EXCALIBURIAN!! has been updated to version 1.50 and is available now on Steam!

Alongside version 1.50 comes many changes, such as additional bosses, a rewritten ending, more NPCs and interactable objects, typo and bug fixes, enemy AI improvements, skill rebalancing, cuter animation sound effects and more!

To see the new ending:
Select "No" when prompted to begin a new cycle.

If you enjoyed EXCALIBURIAN, please consider supporting the Steam release—I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Update Log:
v1.51: Very, very minor changes: Small typo fixes, fixes to a couple of animations, changed ship teleport locations for a couple towns to be more convenient, fixed a BGM that was incorrectly played in an area, fixed one NPC's script


Available now!

EXCALIBURIAN!! is now available for download. The entire game can be played from beginning to end, but please let me know if you run into any bugs! I'll also probably be making some small changes here and there as time goes on.

Update Log:

v1.01: Removed fixed-width lettering in the title, made it so that you're able to click past the title screen with the mouse and added an additional BGM.

v1.02: Fixed some typos and edited a few battle animations. Added a fix to help alleviate audio delay for computers with lower specs (see readme file).

v1.03: Title screen has been tweaked (different BGM and font, added parallax scrolling in the background of the letters). Added a reward for beating the post-game boss. Added back fixed-width lettering in the title.

v1.1: Many small changes (dialogue, fixed passability errors, fixed character sprite mistakes). Added a new area, the Moon (able to access through the Fairy Forest). Added a new boss, the Undead Knight.

v1.11: Made it so you are no longer able to dock the ship at the World Tree, as it led to some confusion when searching for a story-related item. Title screen now has a smooth fade in and a separate BGM for both the title itself and the title command screen.

v1.12: Updated some item descriptions, added a color indication for equipment stat changes, made slight adjustments to some skills, added a few more hints for the Vangaria questline. Added back in the ability to dock your ship at the World Tree; now, a "bump" sound plays for the story-related searchable location nearby.

v1.13: Removed the colored indications for equipment stat changes, as a bug sometimes occurred where the stat change wouldn't display at all; other minor miscellaneous changes.
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