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Earth!, Fire!, Wind!, Water!, Ice!, Lightning!... Hey wait a minute, that doesn't seem right. I'm sure there was only five, heart was in there somewhere, and isn't there meant to be a captain in all this?

Six elemental rings have been entrusted to six young adults inhabiting the planet. They all have a great concern for the state of their world, when most of their world have become largely blase to the whole idea. While most people are simply trying to get by, there are some who'll exploit the planet, and others, simply for how much wealth they can make. Not caring what they have to do in order to get it.

These culprits include.

  • Forrest Laisey: A man who's made a small fortune from selling Carbon Offsets, but all his trees somehow wither and die.

  • Lassaye Faire: An architect who's notorious for doing her buildings on the cheap, cutting corners to pocket the difference.

  • Fraude Shakedon: The owner of a luxury electric cars company. He treats most of his employees as completely expendable.

  • Crypticia Feede: A skilled businesswoman who's acquired the monopoly on all but the most independent of the global food and clothing industries.

  • Faik Doubledeal: The famous spokesman of the developed nation to the east. Tells other countries what to do, when his country isn't doing it.

  • Decietia Greene: President of the global petrochemical company, DG Petrochemicals. She says that she cares about the environment, but she seems rather slow at cleaning up any messes her company makes.

A tribute to the 90's cartoon, Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Latest Blog

Third Demo Uploaded

Hi everyone

Just to let you know that the third demo of Saving the Planet: 90's Style has been uploaded.

I've tested it and everything seems fine, but please let me know if there are any errors I've overlooked.


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