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Earth!, Fire!, Wind!, Water!, Ice!, Lightning!... Hey wait a minute, that doesn't seem right. I'm sure there was only five, heart was in there somewhere, and isn't there meant to be a captain in all this?

Six elemental rings have been entrusted to six young adults inhabiting the planet. They all have a great concern for the state of their world, when most of their world have become largely blasé to the whole idea. While most people are simply trying to get by, there are some who'll exploit the planet, and others, simply for how much wealth they can make. Not caring what they have to do in order to get it.

These culprits include.

  • Forrest Laisey: A man who's made a small fortune from selling Carbon Offsets, but all his trees somehow wither and die.

  • Lassaye Faire: An architect who's notorious for doing her buildings on the cheap, cutting corners to pocket the difference.

  • Fraude Shakedon: The owner of a luxury electric cars company. He treats most of his employees as completely expendable.

  • Crypticia Feede: A skilled businesswoman who's acquired the monopoly on all but the most independent of the global food and clothing industries.

  • Faik Doubledeal: The famous spokesman of the developed nation to the east. Tells other countries what to do, when his country isn't doing it.

  • Deceitia Greene: President of the global petrochemical company, DG Petrochemicals. She says that she cares about the environment, but she seems rather slow at cleaning up any messes her company makes.

A tribute to the 90's cartoon, Captain Planet and the Planeteers


Latest Blog

A very 90's update

Hi everyone

Just a small update here. Firstly, all characters in the game are no longer chibi style, except for the kids. Why should the kids be as tall as the adults?

Secondly, if you're like me, and born in the mid 80's or earlier/ a bit later than that, you're probably very familiar with the sound of logging into dial up internet. That sound which happened when Laura used her computer early in the game was meant to emulate that.

Well, I've recently found the sound effects section on Pixabay, so now there's a genuine dial up internet sound recording when she logs in. Very 90's! :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the update.


MoonWolf V
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Interesting game so far. I'm 20 hours in - and haven't even started the main quest yet (but I'm about to). What happened? Since the whole world map can be explored from the start, I got a bit sidetracked filling the bestiary and hunting for monster drops (and I thought a bit of grinding couldn't hurt, since the players in YouTube videos that jumped right into the main quest seemed to struggle quite a bit).

When I encountered the "Lure" mimic monsters, I wanted to find out what the "Opal Ring" does (2% drop chance), and it took a while until I got one. "Lures" can damage and paralyze the whole party with their "Snare" skill (even the "Topaz Ring", which is supposed to grant resistance to paralysis, doesn't help much), so every battle was one for survival. Once I knew what the "Opal Ring" does (protection against all status conditions, apparently 100%!), I wanted four - or even better six - of them (one for each active and inactive party member), and when I finally got the sixth one, all my party members had already reached level 99.

Needless to say, I was also able to afford all available defensive equipment upgrades, and now I'm looking forward to breezing through the story.
I looked up the Topaz Ring and it seems I'd forgotten to change the status resistance, as it has the same effect as the Ruby Ring.

I'll be uploading an update shortly so the Topaz Ring now works as it should.
Thanks, I'm glad it wasn't just my imagination that the "Topaz Ring" could have worked a bit better (or at all).

Currently, I'm having trouble encountering what I assume are three of the agents (no. 105, 112, 116). They don't seem to spawn, neither at the coal power plant nor at Harelsha's Civic Center. Are there any areas where they are more likely to appear (or to appear at all)? Or maybe they don't appear because of a bug or because I'm simply unlucky?
I think it's just bad luck of running into them. They are there, and each encounter is set at the same probability.
If all encounters are set at the same probability, I think it's even more likely that something doesn't work as intended. I've been triggering random encounters non-stop at both locations for over two hours. If all enemies are equally likely to appear, I should have encountered the missing enemies at least once by now. This is the first time during my playthrough that I have such trouble finding all enemies in a particular location, so I'm just wondering what the cause could be (apart from bad luck, which seems to be unlikely at this point).
I just completed my playthrough, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. You did a really great job capturing the Captain Planet feeling that I only vaguely remember from my childhood.

While I encountered a few (potential) bugs during my playthrough, they should be easy to fix:

- Harelsha Civic Center (possible sequence-breaking): The area in which random encounters occur can be entered/explored right from the start of episode 1 (but I couldn't see how far, since I was obviously too weak at that point, and forgot to check again after I had reached level 99).

- Farlbina, apartment near the city's entrance: On 1F and 2F, the elevator reaches 1F - 3F, but on 3F, the floors 4F - 6F suddenly become available. Unfortunately, traveling to any of the floors 4F - 6F gets the player stuck (game-breaking).

- When using James' skills "Drag" and "Drag Dance", which are supposed to lower the speed of enemies, the player can't select enemies (can only select allies) as targets.

- "Jet Ring" (resists "Blind"), dropped by "Stalker" (no. 41), "Sewer Bat" (no. 47), "Creeper" (no. 89) and "Oil" (no. 130), can't be equipped.

- When returning later (episode 6 onwards) to Harelsha Civic Center, the part where the party confronts Faik Doubledeal can be repeated.

- Apart from no. 105, 112 and 116, I'm also still missing the bestiary entries no. 133, 148 and 149, though I suspect that no. 148 and 149 might be reserved for the two final bosses.

Thanks for a great game. I enjoy solving real world problems in a fantasy world from time to time. Sometimes a clear message is better than using a bullsh*t allegory like mana pollution or something like that.
Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate your error report, and for having played the game thoroughly. I've fixed all the errors you mentioned. I'll be uploading the edition with all these fixes shortly.

The main things you might be interested in was that enemy 116 existed, but never turned up in any battles.

Enemy #133 was part of a boss battle, which I later decided against putting in. It's now been removed so the bestiary makes sense.

Once again, I really appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for the clarification. The typical JRPG player always wants to complete a bestiary, and it's great that it should now be possible in your game. I hope that more players will give your entertaining game a try.

I don't know if you fixed James' skills, since there's no mention about that in the update notes - a quick reminder just in case.

By the way, there's no need to do crazy things like early-game "Opal Ring" hunting (like I did). Assuming I discovered/opened all treasure chests and remember correctly, 3 "Opal Rings" can be found in treasure chests over the course of one's playthrough. Also, "Opal Rings" - despite protecting against "all" status conditions - don't protect against "Vampirism", but that's what the "(Grand) Elixirs" are for. Furthermore, there don't seem to be any hidden items in cabinets etc. throughout the game (apart from story-related ones that only appear/trigger when the player is supposed to find them), though I could be wrong, since I stopped searching after a while.
I forgot to mention it in the blog post, but yeah, I fixed James's skills as well. Another copy/paste oversight.

The only items to be found in the game were in chests, and from the merchants. There was nothing clever about putting them in cabinets etc.
My first thought was...oh, looks good.
The 2nd thought...this needs a map URGENT!!
The map you have is useless. A green square for the next destination. But nowhere is your actual location.
All those cities are known cities...why not show them with a name on the map?

Next the fights. Your chars are useless without their rings. Hell those rings are their weapons. For me it kills the flow of the game if I always must select the skill menue and than the skill for that ring.
For the first levels this is OK. But later on it could be frustrating if your selection takes longer than the actual fight.

In the 80s and 90s getting the airplane was the ultimate way to travel.
Now you could reach every spot (or most sometimes you couldn't land your ship).
Therefor it is nice to have it from the get go. But also the danger to go to places where your party is not fit atm is high (and so is the risc of frustration for the player). Also the risc to trigger events that the player only should do much later into the game are high.

And my last point is that you have taken a big motivation out of the game.
I mean finding new party members (and hidden/secret locations/chests) was and is one of the major fun points in those games.
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