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Latest (hopefully last) update - Errors fixed

Thanks to the latest feedback I've received I've been able to fix the following bugs in the game that I was unaware of.

1. The lift in one of the apartment buildings in Farlbina has been fixed. Removing the glitch of going to non-existent floors. (this was a remaining from when they had more floors)

2. The Jet Ring can now be equipped. (protects against blind)

3. An enemy which never featured in the game has been removed from the bestiary, which made it impossible to complete. (please note the final two entries are from the final boss battle so will never be shown to be complete)

4. The corridor in the civic centre in Harelsha can't be accessed until the episode with Faik-Doubledeal. After the scene with Faik-Doubledeal it can no longer be accessed. Previously, the door to the corridor remained unlocked for the entirety of the game.