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Long ago, a foul demon ushered in a reign of terror upon the land of Tomagen. When all hope seemed lost, the First Archmage arose and defeated the demon, sealing him away in the Unseen Realm using the power of the Sacred Stone. To this day, the Sacred Stone keeps the demon at bay. However, one night the Sacred Stone is stolen by a group of bandits.

Descended from the First Archmage, Arthur is deeply saddened at the recent passing of his grandfather, Aticus. Aticus was a great Archmage and taught Arthur the ways of magery before passing away. Now, Arthur must overcome his grief and journey to reclaim the Sacred Stone before darkness consumes the land once again!

This is a demo version covering the first half of the game. The second half is still a work-in-progress. Any feedback is welcomed and certainly appreciated.

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