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Anamei Productions

Note: Before playing please install the FORTE font from the game folder! (Right click and select "Install")
Each episode contains the one before it, so there's no need to download early episodes!

Welcome to the world of Cast Aside.

You'll play the role of a young girl with a dull future ahead of her. A kitchen assistant and foster-daughter to the island's most powerful Luminary, you wonder if your life is really worth living... How will her life unfold? You'll need to play to find out!

Cast Aside is an episodic game where your Save File will transfer from one episode to the next. Released long ago, Cast Aside has seen a lot of work since then.


Rayne: The main character, Rayne struggles in her everyday life. Living with the legacy of parents who bailed out of debt and left her behind, she feels she needs to make up for their sins and her foster-parents kindness by being what they want.

Kael: A childhood friend of Rayne, Kael is a spirited youth with a seeming gift for the spear and combat training.

Cast Aside is a story heavy game with a lot of puzzles. Combat is based on an Active Tactical System and will sometimes integrate the terrain and puzzles into combat.

Cast Aside introduces several new features with it's custom ATBS including attribute values on the map that can be used to entirely change the flow of combat, from increasing the range of attacks, to making them hit more targets, to causing an increase in regen or attack to the user.


Message script: ccoa
Menu system and cursor: Raziel and Selwyn
Icons: Whitecat

Latest Blog

New Facesets

Started work on some new faces:

I have a hard time simplifying things. Sticking with ver 3 for all facesets.
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  • RPG Maker XP
  • Tactics RPG
  • 06/20/2009 02:54 PM
  • 11/24/2018 04:50 PM
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Ah, sorry for the late replies, I can't tell when my game pages are updated easily like with RMN2 (I'm not used to many comments either!)

@Town Destroyer: Thank you, we've spent a lot of time polishing almost everything we touch with it, that costs a lot of extra time but we're getting used to it. :)

@yoyo: Wow, I see there's a pretty big thread about it, do you have any suggestions about what part of the battle system are most unpleasant or annoying? I know it's a bit confusing at first, I start with a 'sandbox' approach letting the player play around in situations where it's hard for them to die (the difficulty for the second and third fight have been dropped a lot in the current working copy.)
how long would this game be?? up to what chapter?? starting to download..:D
I really enjoy playing your game, you've done a great job. :)
Unfortunately I'm stuck here due to a bug:
After saving the game I still get that message. Please fix it.
what am i supposed to do after we fight those island crawlers??? please help me!! and by the way this game is awesome!!! ^_^
Hey Ayne, sorry I didn't see your comment earlier, we just recently started to get auto updates.

@Ayne: That's not actually a bug, sadly that's as far as the game goes right now. Chapter 3 isn't done, I am still working on it, and that's as far as the preview for the most recent Release Day went. Actually on any other site you wouldn't even have gotten past the cart fight with the zombies. I really want to continue with this game, but I'm in the middle of a couple contests, those should be done mid November and then it'll be full-steam on CA again (no more contests.)

@Lumina: After you beat the Crawlers they should have you looking for a place to stay, if you head to the right more you'll find a place with a couple rock-pushing puzzles that will require use of both characters separately (use/hold A to switch characters.)
Okay, no problem. Then I'll wait patiently.^^
Good luck on the contests.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
You need to finish this game immediately.
I'm working on it all the time now, but finishing it will take... awhile. :<

As I'm adding less systems the content is moving faster; just need to get better at mapping faster now is all. :D
This game is amazing so far; I started playing it in trying to decide between RMXP and RMVX since I've had a history with RM2K. The graphics are what caught my eye, but everything else (plus them) have kept me going!

I have not gotten too far yet; I keep dying on the second battle after the glass platform puzzle. Keep up the amazing work!

I love the characters, art, maps, battle system (the difficulty is still a bit high especially without the ability to heal), the lighthearted story (so far), and the puzzles. I will do a more in depth review (and rate the game) when I finish it.
I can't get the game going, unfortunately. I keep getting this error message that says "RGSS102E.dll could not be found". :(
@Yomic: A difficulty setting is one of the things I'm finishing up now, the key to that battle is using the right attack types versus the right enemies (scorpions are nigh invulnerable to physical strikes, and the bats aren't easily hurt by aura.)

@dgfurman: Do you have the XP RTP installed? That error is usually because the RTP isn't installed, the game needs it to run. (Just download RPG Maker XP by searching google for RPG Maker XP, it's one of the install options when you run it.)
Very nice game, I enjoy it very much, however I seem to have a reoccuring problem...
During battle sometimes when I press enter, especially when several times in quick succession, the game freezes. Not completely, as I can still hear the "button sounds" but the image doesn't change at all.
I'm puzzled as to what could cause this problem...
I have RTP (for RMXP), and installed the font
My drivers are up to date,
I'm playing on Win7 64, but tried the compatibility options to no avail...not like i should need them.
Never had any problems with any other RMXP games.
I got an error message once, (something about scripts) but couldn't read it, other times, I could simply use f12 to reload my game.

Don't know what else I could write, no one else seems to have this problem, so it's probably my fault somehow, but I have no idea what should I do about it.
Hmm, that's a really odd error, I believe someone else mentioned it as well.

I've worked on repeating this but haven't had any luck. I do NOT think it's something you're doing wrong.

Since I can't repeat this myself, maybe it's a bug that I've accidentally fixed along with other changes in the newer versions, I'm working hard on Episode 3 so maybe that will help with the bug...

Thanks for playing and let me know if you see any method to what's causing the crashing!
I got to the end of these two (and half) episodes, and it was great, so I'm looking forward to episode 3.

I also tried to find out more about the bug, so:
It mainly occured in the first fight, where I went on a button mashing rampage because I wasn't used to the system yet. (Not that I was frustrated, but rather I was yet to familiarize myself with the controls.) It didn't really hapen later on. Not at all in the second fight, (i tried that fight 3 times) and randomly later on. I'm more or less convinced that it's tied to the confirm button somehow, and not any specific command, as i once pressed enter while the cursor was on the ground and had no character selected, and the game still crashed.

And I succeeded in reproducing the error message I mentioned earlyer. It also occured once, when I selected exit from the Title menu, so it might be something undirectly related to my problem, but hopefully you can figure something out of it...
Here is a picture of the message:
Excellent, thank you!

The error message will allow me to (at the very least) put a catch in there so there are no more fatal crashes.
Oh, and, though I doubt it's of any real importance as RM XP probably uses unicode, but my system locale (for non-unicode programs) is hungarian. Caused a problem with one game some time ago and it took me a week to figure out that the game prefers (meaning it crashes on anything else) an english locale, even though it was an international release...It caused the weirdest errors...
I would rather not change my locale, as it sometimes causes strange...things, but if you think it's worth try, then I will give it a go.
No need to do that, I don't think it'd help at all. :)
I too got the freeze in the game's first fight, seemed to freeze when I was pushing buttons to select another player while the first one was attacking still(or going through the animation anyway). Awesome idea/graphics/sound/atmosphere though. Just have to make it through the first fight without freezing and I hope it will be smooth sailing from there.
What a professional piece of work. I don't suppose there's any chance of a non-active combat system in the future?
You can emulate it by using the Freeze feature whenever you want to act (A key on the keyboard I believe?)