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Update #3: New Download!



-Two MAJOR areas have been added: the Great Swamp and Vastwater.

-Demo ends after acquiring the second SACRED TREASURE.

-Adjusted AGL rates for all Classes and some enemies.

-Enemies with an asterisk after their name have an item that a Thief can steal that is NOT the default Healing Herb/Potion.

-Removed the “ESCAPE” sound effect.

-Fixed the “SHOCKWAVE” spell. It now targets an enemy group as it's meant to.

-Adjusted MP Cost and Gold Cost for most Tier 2 and 3 spells, as well as ailments and buffs.

-”LOVESTRUCK” spell now targets all enemies and costs 2 MP.

Game Design

Updates #1 and 2

(These are the changes that were applied to the base game released on Itch ahead of RMN.):

-Replaced all basic enemy attacks with a skill called “PHYSICAL” that will serve as their new default attack. This will allow better utilization of an enemy's ATK stat, as well as allow armours such as shields and Heavy Armour to offer better protection.

-Enemy ATK ratings were adjusted because of the change listed above. They're still being fine-tuned.

-There was a shield mistakenly categorized as a helmet.

-Recovery spells now heal more than they did. This is mainly because...

-Healing Herbs now recover 100 HP instead of 50.

-A chest in the first room of The Depths has 250 GOLD instead of the 100 it had.


-Goblins and other regular encounters on the first floor of The Depths have been made slightly weaker.

-All Books are now Holy-elemental and great against Zombies.

-The shortcut from the 3rd Floor of The Depths to the 1st now leads you much closer to Scarmonde's entrance.

-Spell Tome shop list was adjusted so that fewer spells opened up, leaving more to gradually appear as the game progresses as opposed to all appearing at once (after the first boss).

-Prices of Spell Tomes in Scarmonde's Item Shop were also adjusted.

-An NPC will appear after defeating the first MAJOR boss informing the player that they've reached the end of what the demo has to offer.

-Encounter rates have been REDUCED (with EXP gain being increased as a result)

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