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Version 1.1: Various Game Updates

We spent some time updating the game based on feedback we received from friends who played the game.

Here are some of the updates we made:

  • Added more context to the opening scene of the game

  • Added Dark UI versions of the Inventory and Crafting Menus

  • Updated the Map Menus to show finished maps and highlight which one you're currently in (as well as versions for both timelines)

  • Added a Full Meter for a temporary power-up when you eat popcorn

  • Updated the game logic so that you can no longer skip ahead and go out of order with objectives or various aspects of the game

  • Finalized Gregorn's Condo map (as well as the image on the Title Screen and End Credits)

  • Updated balloon sprites to fit with the timeline color schemes

  • Rearranged the UI elements on the screen so they're more title-safe and block less of the background

  • Updated all interactable elements to activate when touched by the player instead of requiring a button press

  • Created a sprite for the Factory Panel (both timelines)

This is the first GGJ project we dedicated a full day to fixing up bugs for, but let us know if you encounter anymore!
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