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January 2023 Status Update: Break over. Now back to work!

Hello everyone. As you may know, I took off the entirety of January 2023 to rest from game dev and take a little bit of a break due to burnout. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm burnt out no more and ready to work on my game once again! I thought my burnout would last until summer, but I continue to surprise myself with my fast recovery. Anyways, as you may have noticed I have updated the game page significantly. This is because the old one contained numerous errors and inaccuracies, promising features that were cut and outdated content no longer in the planned build. I didn't really do much game-dev wise in January, but I did make progress in other ways, mainly in my game page! Here are some of the changes I've made:
-Reworked the "features" area to remove features that are no longer planned for the game and add in features that are in the current build of the game that's planned.
-Removed multiple character profiles for side-characters
-Updated character portraits with their current versions
-Added full body art for Koros and Zenith.
-Fixed various spelling and grammar errors.
-Changed the title of the game to remove the ":" symbol.
-Updated the easy link from "meteochroniclesr" to "chroniclesmeteorfall"

Some other updates I'm working on for the game page include full body art for Tayo, Stacy, and Jeht, adding the rest of the new portraits in, and removing a lot more of the unnecessary character profiles. (mainly for side characters not plot important or featured prominently in the EX Quests) Right now I'm mainly focusing in on the skills, which will probably take a while as there's around 400-500 of them to make. After that it's plugin configuration and then I can move on to the actual game, making enemies as I move along. Time time through development I will focus solely on the main story and work on all the side content only after the main story is complete. Last time during R's development I kept getting distracted working on sidequests instead of developing the main story, which won't happen again. Main story will come first and all side content later, I can promise you that. 1.0 will probably be released around August/September (hopefully) and will include solely the main story of the game, no side content. 1.1 will likely release in late 2023/early 2024 and add in most if not all of the EX quests and talent arts (which include summons and their fights), and 1.2 will add in the rest of the side quests + a lot of the superbosses all in two big batches, one for 1.1 and another for 1.2. Further updates are not planned as I'm scrapping most of the planned "Golden Route" (some elements will remain in a NG+ exclusive quest) and the "Alternate Route" will be repurposed into a NG+ bonus route for "Boundless Domain" which is another planned game I'll soon work on that's connected to Chronicles Meteorfall.

So yeah, I'm back on track now and development is going good. Hopefully I'll be able to focus a lot more on gamemak than I was before, though I still have a massive backlog of games I REALLY want to play. Fire Emblem Engage, Sonic Frontiers, Pokemon Violet, Persona 5 Royal, literally ALL of the 3DS megaten games. (SMT4, 4A, SJR, SH1, Des1, Des2, PQ, PQ2, etc) Radiant Historia, Xenoblade X, etc. Plus Bravely Default 2 is coming out in only a few weeks (already preordered) and BotW2 is releasing in only 3 months... That plus school + work + art means I have a lot on my hands, but I think I can manage.

Anyways, that's it for this progress report. I'll get to you back at the beginning of next month. Until then, see you!