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Current Version: 1.3.3 (Alpha)

Ben's First Adventure will be an RPG set in a fantasy world. There will be some level of mystery to the plot, such as Ashley's lost memories, why Artemis' hometown was attacked, and who is behind the evil organization known as the Shadowed Fang. While the final version of the game will be somewhat story-driven, this demo version is focused on gameplay. It features simplified maps, a Hint Book item for exposition, & no real cutscenes or dialogue, and the gameplay itself is a work in progress. I am hoping to get feedback so as to make improvements to the gameplay, so please leave suggestions & constructive criticism in the comments!
(Note: This demo is completely free to play but the final version will eventually be released commercially on another platform.)

I will try to update the game every month, so be sure to check back for the updates!

I have added a new gameplay mode called "Arena Mode" that is centered specifically on combat. No more hastily put together placeholder maps that you have to navigate, just good old combat! Progression through Arena Mode is dependent on Ben's experience level, but if the grind seems too tedious for you, there is an NPC at every checkpoint who will give your party some extra experience points.

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Some of the comments and feedback I've received concerning the game have led me to realize that people don't know what part of the demo to focus their critiques on, so I've decided to lay out my plans for the game's development.

  • The most important thing about a game is that it is fun to play: a game that is fun doesn't need spectacular graphics or a stellar soundtrack to be successful. Therefore, I am currently focusing on developing the combat system. My plan is to add the enemies to the game in the order that the player will encounter them and take them into consideration when adding allies to the party. I am developing class abilities in the order that the party members are being added to the game. For organizational purposes in the database, I am developing party member abilities first and then I will go back and add enemy abilities, which will make the enemies a little more challenging and require the player to strategize more during battles. The addition of dungeon loot & better gear will hopefully offset the additional difficulty.

Future Plans:
  • When I finish adding enemies to the game, I will make the Healer class's Craft Potions ability actually functional with recipes that utilize the various mob drops that will be available. This should allow the player to be less reliant on shopkeeper NPCs, allowing them to keep going from dungeon to dungeon with fewer stops at towns.
  • After all of the classes, enemies, & abilities are complete, I will then shift my focus more toward other, more cosmetic elements of the game such as improving visuals & adding a custom soundtrack.
  • After getting all of the visual assets ready, I will begin working on the maps that will be in the final version of the game, along with the final dialogue & cutscenes.
    Note: With an exception to the parts of the game leading up to & including the battle versus the lamia boss, the new maps & cutscenes will not be available in demo mode. You will have to wait for the commercial release of the game to see the full story.
  • After the final maps, dialogue, & cutscenes have been added to the game, I will take the game into beta, where I will attempt to make it available for early access on Steam. After making sure all of the bugs & errors are worked out, the game will get its vanilla release.
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  • 03/07/2022 05:29 PM
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this project is kind of vague and even for a demo, the story is pretty "empty", i don't see any interaction between the characters and i don't even know what the plot is exactly

it would be nice if there were dialogues

but it leaves me a doubt, this game will only be a simple rpg or will it have some system like dating or socializing with your party members?

anyway, i think you should build the concept better for the game to be more attractive

There is specifically no dialogue & the story is purposely left vague BECAUSE this is a demo. I don't want any spoilers before the commercial release, and I also don't want people saying to themselves "Why pay for the final version when the free demo is just as fun?" By keeping it vague, it forces people to anticipate the final release.

The game will be heavily story driven in its final form, so look forward to that. Thanks for the concern.
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