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Towelket One More Time ~Fury~ (タオルケットをもう一度~Fury~) is a free Earthbound inspired JRPG made by Kanao (Kanashimi Hocchikisu) in the year of 2012.


As soon as Kachiru was born he suffered a terrible fate: his baby sister disappears and his mother is killed by an evil flock of birds. During constellation day another tragedy awaits him, and he ends up in a twisted love triangle...

Fury was initially titled "Towelket: One more Time 5 " and was meant to become the official game titled Towelket 5, but it contains game-breaking bugs due to a very rushed release, and (perhaps due to its extremely disturbing content) was removed from public download some time after its release. Later "Gaugau's Bride" was released as the "official" fifth installment later on and became a completely different game. By now Fury is allowed for publishing again, and the mentioned bugs were fixed in the translated versions.

Towelket: One More Time is a japanese series of free indie RPG games made on RPG Maker 2000 by Kanao, first released in 2008. It features cute graphics mixed with a strange, fantasy-ish atmosphere akin to Earthbound; although with occasional guro and dirty jokes, giving it a charming unevenness. Most of the main games involve aliens invading the world and attempting to harm humans, with the main party being tasked with saving the earth.
Correct game's release order is: 3, 2, 1, 6, 4, Fury etc. (the rest is untranslated yet).

Important: this game wasn't made by us (Patchy Illusion Team)! The developer allowed the games translation, however.


The game contains: pixelized violence, cannibalism, rape, childbirth, and tortures.


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I really hope 5 gets translated one day, I don't really care about ura because it isn't that much of a difference, but 5 is the last game in the series so I hope that is translated
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