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Alex found himself transported into another world. Fortunately we met with his classmate Nina, who went missing shortly after the school term started. This new world is full of dangerous dungeons where monsters lie, and guilds, a group of adventurers completing job requests together and often delving into such dungeons.

"How do we get back home?" Alex asks Nina. She briefly mentions her time in the new world, joining a guild, entering dungeons and trying to find a way to go home. With that she quotes a tale.

"Look into the sky and there you will find the goddess. If you make her smile your wish will come true."

That is the story that lies in a dungeon floating in the sky, the Goddess's Throne. If a goddess truly was there, one could make a wish to go home. Of course, heading into dungeons alone is not allowed. Because of the dangers, one needs to be in a guild.

And so, as Nina's guild has been disbanded, it is up to Alex to form a guild, gather members, complete requests, gain guild rank, enter the Goddess's Throne, meet the goddess and make a wish.

But after his new adventurers with his guild and new relations with his party members, is his wish till to go home?

Tilesets ripped by SilverDeoxys563

Latest Blog

Beyond Update (V1.1)

Added one mission + one new ending
Created hints for missions that show character interactions
Doubled friendship gain from completing requests and jobs
Increased chance for Mei appearing
Added choice to save during first inn dialogue and allow inn access thereafter
Created suspend save (only in dungeons) via options (When testing I often get the save file too large warning. I don't know if it actually affects the save, but just take caution this may not work correctly)
Added boss bgm for enemies with boss collapse
Renamed some skills for fighter and hero class

Fixed Cleric 4 chatter
Fixed map log text width not passing into a new line (mainly occurred when activating traps)
Fixed enemy hp gauge appearing under enemies and fixed its animation
Fixed crash when pressing cancel in stay ending
Fixed/ edited some random text/ dialogue

Thanks to the13thsecret for the review, I've tried to address some points

Personal note - Having character interactions tied to random missions was a design flaw. It was by intention to have characters disconnected to the main plot but because of that there was no way to show those cutscenes, especially since recruiting characters was basically optional (not originally intended but ended up like that). If I were to rework this game, I'd probably create a more linear structure, i.e proper story missions which are required to progress and even develop the story a bit more. Then I'd be able to force character interactions.

Random note - A more accurate title is probably 'My wish came true after meeting with the goddess of another world', but that doesn't really have the dungeon theme that I want to focus on
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  • 08/02/2022 04:04 PM
  • 10/14/2022 11:21 AM
  • 08/03/2022
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