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On her journey, Lydia finally reached the small and peaceful town of Sibolentia. For days she had been searching for a woman calling herself Ruby the Oracle. But this story will be told another time. Looking for information on where to find Ruby, Lydia finally came across a small tavern named the Sindorin Inn. With her head full of questions and hoping for people who would answer them, she opened the door and entered. At that very moment, Lydia wasn't yet aware of the course this evening would take.

Sindorin Inn is a simple and fun card matching game in which the goal is to match the same pairs of cards in a given time. The game itself is a spin-off of Harpy Lady Lyd.

• Engage your brain by playing 5 different sets with a total of 45 cards.
• 3 levels of difficulty per set. From simple to complex.
• Beat 15 levels in total. Unlock each level after passing the previous one.
• Be smart, win matches and try to earn all 18 Achievements.
• If you lose, you have to drink. Watch your Alcohol Level! After 3 beers you're done.
• Play as much as you want - as long as you're not too drunk.
• Includes a simple and easy to understand tutorial for beginners.

This game can be either played with Controller or Keyboard and supports two languages (German and English).

Latest Blog

New Card Designs

Made some fresh new card designs to replace the old (basic) ones. Here's an sneak peak.

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