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Lost by hours? Missed that essential clue in the dialogue? Your cat pressed the keys for you? No worries! Here's a step by step simple, plain, boring guide.

NOTICE: Since there's two versions of the game to download, I'll let you know some of the differences between both. Most stuff is the same between them. But any point where it says "(post-event version only)" means that it's stuff that was added after the event where this game was made had ended.

WARNING: The following includes spoilers.

START - Old Shrine Camping Ground
A small introductory cutscene plays.
After the cutscene, you're greeted with the first battle in the game.

Wisp - 10hp
The wisp does nothing, but it's impervious to damage. Scare it with a shout.

After the battle, regroup your friends. Kaz is around the middle of the area, near the road down. Birch is to the left near the gravestones. And Alex is to the North.

With your friends now take the path south. Another cutscene will play and it will take you back to the town of Kudzutown.

Your clown friends will leave you. Follow the cat going South then interact with the statue. You'll get an Amulet. Now go up and into the first house just to the left of the road where you came from. Enter and interact with the sparkle to obtain the Map. You can open the map anytime by pressing Shift.

Feel free to explore, however we'll need to do something else before being able to fully explore the town, as some houses are locked.

When ready, get out of the town through the north path, from where you came from.

Look for the School, to the left side near the town.

From the entrance, go up then into the first North entrance to the left to go into the classroom. Talk with Birch there.

(Optional) Now with Birch in your party, go towards the North side of that floor of the school. Enter the right door near the bathrooms. Interact with the sparkle to obtain the Flashlight.

Get out of the school and back to town.

Go to the Shop (house at the right side of the north entrance to the town). Get the portable charger there.
Get out of that building and into the second house to the left side of the road North, with the dog statues on front (the Shrine). Talk with Kaz there. Having Kaz allows you to go downstairs into dark places.

(Optional) With Kaz AND Birch in the party, go to the Diner (house to the South of the Shop, with the fork and knife sign). Enter the door to the right side near the stairs, unlocking it with Birch. Then go down into the basement with Kaz. Grab the sparkle near, which is a Pack of Batteries. Lusia will then automatically put them into your dead flashlight, and now you got a working Flashlight.

Get out of town and into the worldmap.

Enter the camping grounds of the old shrine, located to the North-East of the town. Both Birch and Kaz will immediately leave your party. Don't mind that, you can get them back later.

In the old shrine grounds, you'll find Alex. Take her with you, then exit the place.

(Optional, important) If you acquired the Flashlight and got the batteries, you can skip the next section and go straight into the school (or grab him anyways). Otherwise go to the town.

Go to the Shrine in the town, and pick Kaz back again, he says nothing since he has no brain. Go back to the worldmap and into the School.

Go to the lower-right corner of the floor into the stairs down into the school's basement.
At the basement, go towards the left into a lower-left corner. You'll find a cat here, interact with the cat and Alex will help getting him to help you. Now from the corner where you're at, interact with the second door to the right. The cat will unjam the door. Enter and pick up the red gas container.
Leave the school, back into the worldmap.

Go into the Radio Mast, located towards the North-West of the map.

Go north and then into the building to the right. Interact with the green machine (a gas generator) to use the gas on it. Now interact with the box to the left (elevator's power supply), which will prompt the character to plug the elevator's power supply into the generator.
Exit the small shack with the generator and go into the main door to the North, into the Radio Tower's elevator.

Interact with the now powered panel, the one with the blue screen and two dashes, to open the floor selection menu.
WARNING: Never pick the first option. Entering Floor 4F will always prompt a cheap game over.
Pick the option that says BF Base Floor, wait for the elevator to finish, then enter the top exit that opens.

BF - Base Floor
Go north then into the leftmost of the north entrances. You should find a room with a computer. Grab all the sparkles there. You get Matches and Rope.
(Post-event versions only) You can interact with the computer to play some crude low-quality minigame. It has no effect whatsoever, was done just out of boredom I guess.

Go out of the room, into the room to the South. You will have to push the barrels here into the holes in the ground to the top-left of the room. Just remember you can walk under the top parts of the ceiling tiles lol. Walk over the barrels and pick up the flower there.

Get out of the room, go back to the corner of the corridor, to the north, and into the opening just across one closed door (we'll leave that door for later). Get the barrels out of the way and grab the sparkle there: a Plank. Now back out of that room again, follow the corridor to the lower-left side and enter any of those openings to the right, and into the stairs up.

1F - Floor 1
Follow the corridors to the left, (post-event only)grab the sparkle here: another photo of Wisp. Interact with the fridge here to obtain an unlimited amount of Medkits (you can only carry 5 at the post-event version).

Go up into the room just to the north of the fridge. Interact with the statue then immediately exit the room, as the statue will chase you. We'll deal with this statue later.

Go down, then right and interact with the big doors going down, this will unlock the exit to the elevator. Then go through the big doors to the North, into a dark room. Be careful with the randomly moving Ghosts here, they're annoying. Go to the right side with the protruding ledge, and interact with it to place the Plank here. Scadoodle to the right through the shadowy Ghosts, interact with the door down there to unlock it, then go up the stairs.

2F - Floor 2
Interact with the white vase here, using the White Flower you grabbed at the first floor. This unlocks the chest to the center of the room. Pick the chest contents, which is a Vacuum. Go South-East into the door heading South. This opens the way to the elevator. Enter the elevator now and go to the Base Floor.

BF - Base Floor
Go back to the room with the computer (leftmost north entrance in the corridor), and use the Safe Key in the safe-looking box at the top-right corner. This gives you the Camera.
Exit that room, and enter the door to the right. Interact with the toilet to get your hands on...

Hand - 20hp
The first hand will do nothing but observe. Just attack it with anything, it will die soon. If you have Birch around you can use her to steal her Toilet Paper, which will in turn make the hand go berserk and attack. Not the brightest idea here.

Having defeated the hand, back out to the corridor, go right into the top entrance facing east. Go into the door there. Interact with this toilet. Another battle with a Hand will ensue. I'm sure you got the hang of it.

Hand - 20hp
This hand will double attack. If you have Birch she might come in handy to steal their TP. Otherwise just bash it to death with your own hands.

Get out of the room and into the top floor through the stairs to the South.

1F - Floor 1
Go up through the door to the North. Then left to the door near the stairs. Battle ensues. Give it some rude handsigns.

Hand - 20hp
This enemy will now double attack and occasionally also wait. Attack it until it stops slapping you.

Go back out of the room and into the next floor.

2F - Floor 2
Go South-East into the door to the left of the room again, then into the opening to the left. This should take you into this floor's toilets. There's two toilets here, you know what to do.

Hand (4) - 20hp
The hand will either double attack, do a single attack, or wait.

Hand (5) - 20hp
Same as before. However depending on if you picked first the left or right hand before, the hand will have the chance to either do a Charge attack or Self-destruct.

Having defeated all 5 hands, you put your 6 hands on a Lighter! Get out of the room, and into the door facing North. Hug the wall to the left, into the room. Interact with the rope to burn it (note: if you don't have the lighter, you can burn the rope as long as you have matches). Now get close to the brown shards of glass there, and interact again to use the Vacuum and clear the path. Enter the room there and pick the sparkle to obtain the Floater.

Now backtrack to the Elevator (South) and get to the B1 floor.

B1 - Basement
The basement has strong water streams that will constantly move you to the right. Without the Floater, your character will be unable to move once you're inside the water streams.
Without getting into the water, move to the front of the opening to the North, then move 3 spaces to the left, and keep pressed up until the character is at the other side. Move to the top opening and just press Up there. The character will get stuck once it gets in contact to the wall, carefully release the button and quickly press it again to let the current align you better with the opening.
Go to the right, and again into the water, holding down until you're at the next safe platform. Now position yourself in the middle of the opening down, and hold Down until the character is safely in the other side. Finally, position yourself to the leftmost part of the opening and hold Up again. Grab the sparkle at the bag, giving you the Ladder. Leave this place however you want, you don't need anything here ever again.
Go back to the elevator and into 2F.

2F - Floor 2
Go through the door to the North. Hug the wall to the right of you, into the opening to the South-East. Go upstairs.

3F - Floor 3
Go around the corridor and out to the main hall of the floor. You can unlock the big doors to the South, which will take you to the Elevator. Now go to the North, upstairs.

4F - Tower Top
Go through the stairs to the right. Use the Ladder in the wall to the left. Grab the stick up there, which is a crowbar. Now go down and get out back to 3F.

3F - Floor 3
(Optional) Go down into the big doors leading to the Elevator. Take the elevator to the 1F.

1F - Floor 1 (optional)
Go to the left then up into the single door. Save before entering! Moving around here you will face the statue.

Miroku - 100hp
As long as you don't attack it, the statue will not attack you. After being attacked, the statue will start stomping your party, dealing around 50hp of damage. Use the Camera with one party member, while defending with the other two. Repeat as many times as you want. The PHOTO: Miroku will be useful for dealing tons of damage to basically any enemy later, including Miroku itself.

By now all your characters should be around lvl4. You can farm against Wisps (5exp each) or suffer farming with Ghosts (1exp), but it's not necessary.

Go back to 3F and prepare for the final battle. Remember to restock with Medkits if needed at 1F, just outside of the room with Miroku.

3F - Floor 3
From the elevator, take the big doors to the main hall, then hug the left wall into the opening to the lower-left side. Interact with the door facing North in that room. Upon entering the game will open the save menu, save if you want. Then continue moving North. After the cutscene you will encounter... The demon.

Smile - 99hp (150-200hp in event version iirc?)
Eye (x2) - 50hp
Puppets - 21hp (up to 4 appear as the battle continues)
Just spam matches till it dies. Start by destroying the smile, then eyes. You can leave Kaz using Phone Light to stun the eyes if the shocks get too troublesome. With all the preparations done it should be done in at most couple minutes.

And there you have it, roll the final cutscenes. If you have Kaz in the party, some small changes in the ending will occur. If Birch is in the party she will say something dumb. However having Alex in the party is what opens the good ending branches. See the 5 or so endings and you're good to go.

Note: You can escape in the last battle. It has no repercussion, do it if you find yourself not having any luck and feel free to try it again (or reload, whatever).