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This game was created by lavendersiren and Delsin7 for the Swap in 3 Middle with Who? event.

Gameplay and Style:
The Knife Hawk is a puzzle heavy rpg with plenty of random battles. Multiple enemies have custom art or are edits of said custom art. A timing-based fishing game is accessible at multiple points which provides valuable items for the player. In addition, the tileset avoids using rtp as much as possible.

In a land of eternal molten rock there lies a strange tower. Cast all around its surroundings are bladed weapons of all forms. The Blacksmith once called this tower his home and it was by his hand that forged weapons for an eternal war. Now a lone hawk descends into this land of hellfire and destiny unfolds.

The Loner- Traveling deep into the Land of Magma and Blades, this strange hawk seeks a weapon of unparalleled power! For a friend, of course, for what better way to show affection than to give them something truly one of a kind.

The Not-Cat- Sparkling ever so, this enigmatic not-cat has entered the Tower in search of something long believed lost…and possibly for free fresh fish.

The Blacksmith- A mysterious figure who forged countless swords and is the leader of the Hephaestus cult. It is said that nobody has seen him that yet live.

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