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Progress Report

Progress - Part 3

Some new stuff:

-Shows how menus work.
-Has 3 save slots.
-Can gain exp. and level up.
-Keeps track of various stats.


Name Change

I was originally going to call the game "A Song for Reanna." The game revolves around finding ancient scripts for a character named Reanna, who wants to sing a magical song.

But then I realized that there is an very popular musical artist named Rihanna, who also sings songs... Suffice it to say, the name could cause some search issues on Google in the future, despite the names not being spelled the same.

While the character's name will remain the same, the title of the game will now refer to the location where the game takes place.

"A Song in Elyel Nalore" will now be the new name of this game. I haven't found too many search issues with this name.

Progress Report

[Video] Development Progress

This video shows some new stuff that my first video didn't have.
There's a new area, some new moves, background music, and a player hu with HP and MP bar.

You can follow everything I'm doing with my new Twitter account:

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