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Progress Report

Dirt Empire Development Update - July 2023

Hey everyone!

Dominic Esquire here with the long awaited update on the development of "DIRT EMPIRE." I am happy to report that the game is roughly 75% of the way finished with principal development. The basic breakdown of DIRT EMPIRE is that there are 4 towns, 4 'passage of time' sections, 4 dungeons, and then an intro section and an ending section. Currently I'm done with development on THREE of the FOUR towns, dungeons, and passages of time. Also I'm done with the intro section.

That means that all I have left to do is one town, passage of time, and dungeon, and then the ending part! Should be easy, right? Well, yes and no. It will be easy in-so-far-as I have all of the story planned out at this point, and a war chest of music/sprites/etc to work with, so I won't have to make as much stuff from scratch. The more difficult part will be really sticking the landing in a way that I am happy with.

Realistically we're looking at a mid 2024 release for DIRT EMPIRE. Once principal development is done, I will have to spend some time doing an edit sweep of the dialogue story, adding or cutting parts that don't make sense. Turns out during the development of a big project like this, characters tend to change from the start of the project to the end. Fixing stuff like that will enhance the overall experience.

I've also upgraded the TRASH PLANET engine in a big way; the battle system is different, the menu screens are different, the passage of time sections are different. The TRASH PLANET style world building and character building are all there, as well as the goofy DIY graphics that I make, but the actual 'game' parts of this 'game' DIRT EMPIRE are much better than in TRASH PLANET, in my opinion.

For example, the menu screens now show the characters wearing the equipment. Take a look!

The passage of time sections also have an "action counter," so you can only do FIVE (5) of the events / things to do in the area before you have to move on. This will give the game some extra replay value, because it's actually impossible to do all of the things in the game in any one playthrough.

Anyway, if you were waiting for some news on the DIRT EMPIRE front, hopefully this update keeps you satisfied for a while. If you want to have a little bit more of a day-to-day update on the game, follow me on twitter. Even though twitter sucks ass. (@dominicesquire)

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