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DZ and Riggy must save the world again!

The follow-up to DZ and Riggy vs the World(s), the two aforementioned heroes have transitioned from platformer to RPG and must now save Earth from being taken over by a video game villain that is very personal to the two who has come to life and threatens to rid the rapidly changing world of the human race!

DZ and Riggy must traverse through various game worlds such as Final Fantasy VI, Kirby, Pokemon, Super Mario, and many more to rescue their friends and save the day.

What is this game about?
A well-timed lightning strike from a thunderstorm unleashes Ganglim into the real world after Riggy installs and uses an advanced AI plugin for Deluge 2. DZ and Riggy must join forces to foil his nefarious plans.

How many "worlds" are in DZ & Riggy vs the World(s) II?
There are a total of 21 worlds plus two follow-up areas after! If you take your time to smell the roses, the shortest worlds will be 5-10 minutes and the longest will probably be around 20-30 minutes in length. One or two worlds are rare exceptions to this rule and could run 30-45 minutes.

Is the game just a series of different worlds to enter and beat?
Yes! I wanted the game to be straight forward for players and for general progress to be easy to follow at all times. Occasionally players will unlock repeatable areas after beating some worlds. These areas can be entered to collect additional bits (money), grind XP (if desired), and collect unlock tokens for specific characters.

Is the game linear? Do I have to play the worlds in a certain order?
The game is completely non-linear and you can tackle the worlds in any order you want! Each world has its own difficulty rating out of ten, but don't let that discourage you from checking out any of them whenever you want!

As an RPG, how important are things like grinding, leveling, etc?
Not at all. All characters start with one ability and learn an additional one with each level up until level 4 when they learn their fourth and final ability. The level cap is 99, but actual level ups only award characters with *very* minor stat increases. My aim is to make the game beatable at any level. The levels and low stat growth are just there for people who end up wanting to invest extra time in the game for whatever reason, but leveling is not essential or important in DZ & Riggy vs the World(s) II.

Do I need to be a part of the DZ & Riggy Discord/Twitch community to understand this game?
Not at all! You may not know who most of the party members are (though a handful are RMNers) and many jokes may not land for you the same way they would for a community member, but there's still a lot here to appreciate. Riggy himself said that he could see people outside of the community enjoying this game just for what it is - a crazy and wild homage to so many classic games. It has also been called "the ultimate fan game" by Dosmaen!

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