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Kissed By A Star

Kissed By A Star is a turn-based RPG with heavy novel elements. Traverse through several rapidly-paced chapters featuring a cycling cast of point of views. From fighting monstrosities in a smog filled forest, to lazing about on a passenger train. You never know where the journey will take you.


-A huge cast of characters
-A detailed modern fantasy world, full of mystery and ominous occurrences
-Lite RPG elements that make it easy to jump into a chapter at anytime and not feel overwhelmed.
-Turn-based combat that is deep yet easy to understand
-FM Synth inspired soundtrack personally crafted by me
-All custom art drawn by me
-??? length. Who knows how long it will end up? Definitely vastly longer than my prior projects.

The Fall

In a world that was seemingly thriving. The Sun's light grew dim. Civilization as they knew it fell into a new era. A time where evil reemerges, evil long forgotten. Not only must people fight this forgotten evil. They must learn to coexist with it.


Aspira is the central country of the world. It consist of four providences tied together by the Council of Lukas. Several natural disasters rage across the land, such as fires, terrible storms, and earthquakes. Though that is not the worst of it, for these disastrous came with evil much worse. Monsters, long forgotten, prowl the land. If one wishes to survive this world, they must learn to fight.

The Blue Jay

Once a luxury train, now repurposed to recruit people from all corners of the country of Aspira to the city of Brigitte Bay. Currently residing in the eastern providence of New Lynea, they must travel cross country towards the western providence of Helenia.

The Moore family are not scientiests and doctors, like the other passengers of the Blue Jay. They are a normal family. Jordan Moore was a truck driver. His wife, Samantha, was a stay at home mom. They have three daughters: Nicole, Leanne, and Melanie.

Nicole had just graduated high school before the Fall. Leanne had just started high school. Melanie was in middle school.

The Moore family were forced from their home in the central providence of Isabella due to severity of the storms that hit Isabella. Now they must prove their worth by fighting the dangerous monsters that far too often block the train tracks.

The Seagull

Hazel, a Seeker of Brigitte Bay, formed a team of fellow Seekers and Warriors to travel the Kinglands and recruit those willing to fight for Brigitte Bay's cause. They repurposed a small cruise ship, designed to be affordable, and set sail for the Kinglands.

It has been a very successful journey. Several refugees of the Kinglands happily joined, determined to place their mark on the fight for the future.

Hazel formed a small team to personally mentor. Vivica Blanch and Sean Larsen.

Vivica and her mother had to flee their home of Amias. Vivica, who was nearing the end of her high school years, was always eager to travel the world. She is intent on making the best of a bad situation. Her mother, however, is not doing so well due to the fact they lost contact with Vivica's older brothers.

Brigitte Bay

In Aspira's western providence of Helenia, its Capital City Newcastle fell to the enemy. Who was the enemy? No one really knows. A group of monsters and humans alike attack the city and claimed it for their own.

The Council of Lukas, the governing body that rules over Aspira, has done nothing to reclaim the country's largest city.

However, a man named Nathaniel Hall decided to take matters into his own hands. Once an actor of New Lynea, he gathered a group of willing fighters and marched towards Helenia. He did not reclaim Newcastle, but instead he reclaimed Brigitte Bay.

There he decided to gather people to the cause of reclaiming Newcastle and fighting the evil that plagues the land of Aspira.

The Warriors

Nathaniel Hall created four major factions of Brigitte Bay. The Seekers, fighters who are tasked with finding people willing to join Brigitte Bay's cause. The Ambassadors, diplomats who are tasked with the difficult task of making peace with the Council of Lukas that rules Aspira. The Defenders, who are to restore Brigitte Bay to a sense of normalcy and the areas that surround. The Warriors, who are building an army of fighters to take back Newcastle.

Alyssa Nabih is a Warrior who is exceptionally gifted with guns, much to her displeasure. She witnessed the invasion of Newcastle and lost everything. She has dedicated her life to taking the city back. Unfortunately, she does not play well with other people and she often clashes with her commanding officers.

Alyssa and her teammate Charlie Lewis have been relocated to help defend the small Helenia town of Westford. Alyssa, however, is not made to merely accept complacency. She is growing bolder by the day.

Latest Blog

Commercial? Free? Other? IDK YET

I romanticized going commercial for years while working on my games. The thought of being able to support my family with what I love to do most is nothing short of delightful to me.

I think those of us who have gone commercial know it is a big splash of cold reality water.

My free games have done vastly more downloads and profile views in general. I think part of this is times have changed. The other part is it’s so much easier to convince someone to download a game for free than to spend their hard earned money.

The constant battle in my head is: More players vs extra income?

The fact is: I enjoy being more serious about game development. I like the risk of failing and the potential for success.

For Kissed By A Star, I have had my head in the clouds.

A Ghostly Rose did fine and I am proud. But I did not explode. And that too is fine. It’s just that, if it did… If I was a ‘known’ dev now… I think I’d have gone about Kissed By A Star differently.

The way the game is built is unique. It will feature a lot of chapters. The chapters are fast paced and there are no traditional RPG elements such as character building and whatnot.

I’d LOVE to release this game like a comic/manga.

Every two weeks to a month, drop a chapter.

There is something utterly thrilling about that idea to me. Having the pressure to work. One chapter at a time building a world and story. Hopefully creating a hype for each new chapter.

As it is now, that would likely be a death sentence to the game, as games are a different medium than comic/manga. I’d need a LOT of trust. But one can dream.

I still am considering an ‘ongoing release’ style. After a certain amount is done, drop it. Then drop another batch. Etc. If I did that, I couldn’t make it commercial until the whole thing is done.

Curious to see what people think about the insane ramblings of my imagination.

See you next wall of text!
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Honey, wake up. New zDS project just dropped.

You're magical to me.
Subbed instantly :DDDD
Wait. Does this mean you expect me to compose music for you now?
Wait. Does this mean you expect me to compose music for you now?

only if you expect me to compose your game
I hit that sub button a few times thinking it would capture my hype.

It didn’t but I’ve subbed to the project now.
WHAT??????? A new zDS game????
zDS , a name, a guarantee! Istantly subbed!
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Seems like I need to play zDs games if eveyone here gives this so much praise >.>
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Ayo it's finally here on RMN let's gooooooo!
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