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“Everyone asks where’s Wumbo, but nobody asks how’s Wumbo?”

Twenty seven and stuck in a dead-end job, Wumbo can’t imagine a worse career to have than being a milk courier for the soulless Company™. Gravedigging a half-submerged cathedral? Herding alien bugs? Serving cocktail to yetis? Even the buyers have way more interesting jobs… With so little time to stop and appreciate life, Wumbo can’t help but often think, “Where’s the wonders of my world?”

Step into Wumbo’s shoes and complete a seven-day shift delivering milk to the various strange residents of Wumbo’s wacky world. A quota must be fulfilled by the end of the week and Wumbo must ensure that it's met to avoid making the Company™ take a cut from the next paycheck. Careful management of Wumbo’s energy spent on trips, money used on items and keeping track of possible delivery dates on different locations are all key requirements to survive the job. Endure being part of a low-paying milk delivery service, suffering through terrible weather, long-distance commuting and the very real danger of Bird Bandits along the roads.

The pay may be terrible, but maybe the real reward is the friends you make along the way.

Wumbo Where’s My Milk?! is a game made for the Wonderful World event.

Inspiration/images used for the game are taken from Street View.

Latest Blog

New version for the game

Hi! I uploaded a version 1.0.1 of the game, with minor but crucial bug fixes. One was adding a variable that I forgot to add in, preventing the player from visiting one of the locations at one point. Another one is a mistake I made that made players unable to buy a certain item as it instead will get you a different item altogether. Finally I also fixed some bad coding that changed the way energy and weather is supposed to function.

After playtesting it a few times everything seems good so this may be the final version of the game. Do let me know if a new bug is spotted!