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Ralph, Alina and Piotr are inseparable triplets. One day, a funny wizard teleports them to a strange universe of puzzles and challenges.

For the first world, the Cave, you can use the W key to switch characters.
(Ralph -> Alina -> Piotr -> Ralph)
This gimmick will allow you to find your way through the 4 puzzles.
For the second world, the Ghost House, you will control just a single character.

This short puzzle-game was created for the Wonderful World event (January 2024). You've got to choose a funny Google Maps screenshot from a website then create a game inspired by it.
My screenshot:

Developer's comments:
This game was a nice way to test my eventing+scripting skills. The hardest thing to program was the character switching system. I know you can experience minor bugs (e.g: if you control Ralph in front of a lever in 1-1 then you switch to Alina ; Ralph won't be able to activate his lever because of an invisible event on his tile. Just leave one tile of space in front of any event to avoid problems like that).
However, I lacked ideas for other 3-character puzzles. That's why you return to a single character for world 2.

And if you can't find the solution for a puzzle, the text file is here for you! The game's just a demo so I allow you to look at the solutions if you really need it.

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  • 01/21/2024 08:12 AM
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  • 01/31/2024
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Even though I don't think I should have to use my calculator to solve equation systems in an RPG Maker game, it was quite fun for the 5 minutes of playtime.

Unfortunately, not as much stages with the character switching mechanic as I'd like to see. This is very well implemented and has a lot of potential for more stages. For example like stages, where each character has its own and unique skills (like one can climb ladders, the other one is strong and can move boulders, one can spot hidden traps...) and they can only succeed as a group by working together at just the right time.

I feel you're just scratching the surface here on what's possible. Hope there will be more one day.
Be careful ! I'm French
Thanks for the short review.

I know I didn't exploit the full potential of my character switching system but I was lacking of ideas.
I prefered mixing 3-character puzzles with single-character ones but it was just for the event.

One day, I think, I'll go back to it if I get more ideas.
Hi! Is this game complete? I played it and wanted to make a review, but I'm not sure if it's still a demo or if you consider it as a completed game.
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