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Well, there's a bunch of characters and I have a bunch of cool GIFs, so this page is in order. All of the characters are introduced in-game, so don't worry about needing to read all of this. You'll get a much better sense of each character from their dialogue anyway. But it's always good to know what you're up against...

Player Party (That's you!)

A few adventurers out to win fame and fortune and save... well... They're out there for fame and fortune, anyway, and they'll do their best to win it. It's up to you to help Malu, Gordon, and Diaghilev to find the most magi, and it's also up to you to help Rathmyer do whatever it is she wants...
Name: MaluClass: Mage/Caster/Cleric
Name: GordonClass: Soldier/Fighter/Mageknight
Name: DiaghilevClass: Healer/Evoker/Mystic
Name: RathmyerClass: Rogue/Thief/Assassin

Tobit's Team (Scary!)

A solid group led by Tobit and Azalea. They're willing to do anything to get their hands on some magi, so look out! You might want to try diplomacy as well, though. Argus can be agreeable and Homasa is quite logical, but uh, don't go talking with Azalea. That never seems to end well.
Name: TobitClass: Mage
Name: AzaleaClass: Duelist
Name: HomasaClass: Battlemage
Name: ArgusClass: Rogue

The Party (who came up with that name?)

The Party. They're a Classic kind of team, and they know what they're doing, sort of. Everyone has a Job, and they are quite decent at their Jobs. They're certainly all Veterans of the Dungeon, but can they find the most magi?
Name: GuyClass: Warrior
Name: PollyClass: Valkyrie
Name: DokusClass: Wizard
Name: GlorfindelClass: Elf (??)

Ragtag Band of Heroes (Brave! Heroic!)

Led by Miles, their fearless leader, this team is sure to conquer all and find the magi! Hektor, however, is a spoilsport and insisted on being paid up front for this mission. And this is his first time on team Ragtag Band of Heroes, too. What a jerk.
Name: MilesClass: Hall Monitor
Name: ManfredClass: Line Leader
Name: VanessaClass: Item Master
Name: HektorClass: Freelancer

Great Sage's party (Useful)

The great sage Aven and his assistant Abel are they to help the expedition to the Magischolar's Guild but not actively fight and gather magi. Aven's healing powers are very handy, and Abel carries extra supplies. Aven is also willing to pay top dollar for any magi, on the spot.
Name: AvenClass: Great Sage
Name: AbelClass: Con Man


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Five bucks if you can figure out where we've seen Abel before...

(Hint, the answer is NOT the bible)
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Rathmyer is a chick!?!?!?!?!?!?

Wow, I've certainly had the wrong idea for the past four hours.

Please find some way to make that character more feminine, if meant to be female.
Heh, whoops.
That's kinda awkward.
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