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Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for; but, rather something to be achieved.

The Legend

Thousands of years ago a legend was born in the country of Maluvet. The legend told of three strong warriors who stood up to face the evil demon lord Vekasoul. Fighting him at his home at Heavens Peak the three warriors defeated him and sent him back to the underworld. All that remained was three jars. The Jars of Life.

The Story

The first installment of Demon Destiny introduces the main character Sazuka, who is on his way to become a master of the blades and his younger sister Iris, who wants to become a Mage. An evil has brewed up and all signs point to the Palace of Vekasoul. The countries worst fears have come alive. Vekasoul has been reborn and it's up to Sazuka, Iris and their new friend Shogan to defeat him for good. Travel to many fantasy filled destinations and help collect the three jars of life to defeat the ancient demon lord. The Demon Destiny Begins.

Major Characters

Sazuka- Sazuka is the main character of the game and is on his way to becoming a master swordsman. After the death of his grandfather, Sazuka vowed that he would avenge his grandfather's death and he would not let anyone get in his way.

Iris- Iris is Sazuka's younger sister. She is currently learning the basics of magic and wants to become a successful female mage. With a heart that never wants to leave her brothers side she joins him in his quest for revenge.

Shogan- Shogan is a very advanced mage that joins up with Sazuka and Iris at the hearing of Vekasoul's return. Just like Sazuka he wants revenge as well against the Demon lord for personal reasons resulting in his father, Vain.

Balian- Deep within the Riverden woods lives a man of great knowledge, perhaps all the knowledge of the Demon Destiny. It is told in the legends that Balian fought Vekasoul thousands of years ago but none remain who know.

Vekasoul- Vekasoul is the thousand year old Demon lord spoken of in the legend of Maluvet. Thanks to the releasing of his soul Vekasoul has returned and is planning to achieve his goal that he failed to do the last time.

Game Features:

Quests and Jobs- Throughout your adventure you will encounter quests and jobs. Quests can be obtained from people throughout towns or on the road. Jobs you obtain from Inns and must seek out the person that petitioned the hunt.

Sub-Menu- The Sub-Menu is used to look up things like quests and hunts and configure the settings of the game/b].

World Map- The world map is used to locate your way around the country of Maluvet and guide you to the many places that you visit on your journey.

CBS- The Custom Battle System is used throughout the game as well as with the monsters. This means that there is no encounter battles as well as random battles.

CMS- The Custom Menu System is the last of the newest features and has a very basic design and is easy to use.

Game Information:

100% The full version of the game.
100% Music Complete.
100% Custom Battle System.
100% Custom Menu System.

The game is finally finished!

Latest Blog

Demon Destiny 1 Completed!

Well, i finally found some free time and decided to work hard on finishing it. Now i am happy i have finally finished it and can begin work on Demon Destiny 2.^^

If you would like to submit feedback for this game i would appreciate that whether it's game errors, praise, critiscm etc. Anyway, enjoy the game.
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  • demondestiny
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 08/04/2007 07:37 PM
  • 12/06/2012 06:27 PM
  • 10/31/2008
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People say this game is good while others say it's bad. I am going to try to check it out.
Different meanings here I see. Many complains about mapping, but the screenshots do look really nice!
But I would have really wished for the strong blue used sometimes in conversation-window to go with the rest of the colors!

I will download, but I thought maybe I would here your answer to that first :)
I strongly recommend this game for everyone.
Unallocated Skill Points
I strongly recommend this game for everyone.

What an ego you've got making a secondary account for the sake of kissing your own ass.

No one in their right mind would even give this game the time of day, and yet, here you are...
Unallocated Skill Points
I started playing this my way (maxed stats via editor) because I really wanted to be one of the only to brave and overcome this game, but damn your poor event work because I got to the save spot at that port town after the battle and the dream and must have clicked some off key because I was no longer able to open the menu and my character was gone. I had already saved to this point and seemed I was no longer able to. I pushed on till I hit that one town where I'm supposed to get the Sand Goggles and, once again, I managed to open the secondary menu and, after the conversation, bugged the game causing an "event does not exist" error.

I would just dismiss this as "Fuck this game.", but who knows, I may try to be a little more careful (God knows I wasn't already) not to blow it up and manage my way to the end next time.
... my game does not work... something about "vehicle file."
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
As far as I remember this was a pretty decent rpgmaker game and complete, there aren't that many, I'd say this game needs a second review!
As far as I remember this was a pretty decent rpgmaker game and complete, there aren't that many, I'd say this game needs a second review!

I would agree ... but again I cant play it because of the "vehicle file."
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
are you sure you have the rm2k3 RTPs with the maker?
are you sure you have the rm2k3 RTPs with the maker?

I remember playing this a long time ago...and I'm only going to say one thing. This game was a glitchfest...and I believe it was the completed version I played too. While I'm confident in my testing ability...that does nobody any good if the maker doesn't know how to fix the mass glitches.

Feel free to give it a shot...but don't be shocked if it blows up on ya.
I cant seem to download. The site it brings me to says it doesnt have the download.
Aw man, the download doesn't work. It's a shame. I was looking forward to laughing the notoriously bad opening for this game, then deleting it off of my computer, and moving on.

Edit: Ok, turns out that I found somewhere where I could download this game and laugh at the opening. Here's the link.


Anyways, now that I've seen it, I gotta say that the opening wasn't laughably bad. It was just completely predictable and boring.

The main character talks completely in expositions, and the way he communicates reminds me of a badly translated anime character. The constant typos don't exactly help either.

The battle system, while different from other games I've played on this site is a complete waste since the AI is beyond brain dead. Seriously, I'm talking X-Men: Destiny bad!

I'd be a little kinder to your game DD, but the fact that you're in so much denial about the complains that you've been given shows that you won't even begin to deserve kindness.

Let me end my thoughts with these words. I don't care if this your first creation. This site is not your Refrigerator door cover. Just because you are proud that you made a game doesn't mean that it's worth playing.
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