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Chapter I : The Lake Cavern

Here's a little video I put together. It's a short preview of one of the dungeons in Chapter 1. The music in the video is a first-draft of one of the songs Joerao composed for the game's soundtrack. I think it sounds pretty good, even in it's early state.


Chapter I : Memories

Another video featuring music composed by Joerao. Demo should be finished soon!.


Chapter I : Etonmarch

These are first five minutes of the upcoming Chapter I demo. I know it doesn't show much, but I figured those who are interested in this project would like a bit of a sneak peek. The music for this particular video is all placeholder for the moment.


Chapter I : The Milhaven Crypts

This video shows a small bit of the gameplay in Chapter I. There are a few noticeable passability errors that will be fixed in time for the demo. Also, the music is all placeholder.