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Everything… is everything in our existence just a replica of someone elses?

Your identity defines who you are. But what if you couldn’t have your own identity, or it was being eclipsed by someone elses? What would you do about it?
Kumo Atsureki is your typical 19 year old…if typical 19 year old did mercenary work for a living. His latest mission, however, will trigger a chain of events that will not only force him to face the past and define his identity, but uncover deadly secrets that have laid buried for generations. What is the C-Virus? Who is behind it? These questions and more await you…

Cosplay Crisis is a Final Fantasy crossover fan game that has been in the works for the last three years. Boasting custom battle graphics, Final Fantasy VII’s classic Materia system and remastered and remixed tracks (including Maybe Blue Fields Await and Still More Fighting), Cosplay Crisis is a unique Final Fantasy experience taking place in a new albeit similar world.

Cosplay Crisis is a complete full-length RPG (stemming upwards of 9 hours in length depending how you play). If issues DO crop up, please check this list of unfixable bugs before ranting at me about them ^^''

-Anything with materia.
-If you save on the world map once you have the Ragnarok, close the program, and re-open it, your ship will be back in Tokyo. For the love of christ, don't do it!
-The 'Blasting Zone' animation appears over the Battle Status. I fiddled with it far too much as it is, so I left it.
-There's some issues with the item menu and the battle status when in battle. I have tried MULTIPLE TIMES to fix this, and haven't been successful. I'm sorry guys, I'm not a programmer, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.
-Some bosses in the final battles don't appear immediately. I don't know why that happens- I've tried fiddling with it but couldn't fix it.
-Common event skills don't update the battle status straight away (1000 Needles and Shock). I tried to fix this, too, but couldn't fathom a way to fully refresh the battle status through the common event call...so it has been left.
-If you try to save when CC is lagging or you have a ridiculous amount of saves (depends on your computer- my one is quite powerful, so I have about 45 saves and don't get this) the save system MAY hang. I recommend playing CC without anything else open so it has lots of RAM to chew through. RMXP's fault, not mine. The anti-'script is hanging' script didn't play well with CC, before you suggest it.
-If you use a Kumo/Levi limit break while critical, the characters won't reappear immediately. I'm not sure why this is, and haven't got a clue how to fix it.

Latest Blog

Addressing something important

Hi All, I bet you're all wondering where this notif is coming from and why.

Recently I've waxed nostalgic over the game, as it's now less than six months to the game's true 10 year anniversary (2.2's upload date was Feb 2012 I think), as well as some new people coming into play the game. Although it has been 10 years, it seems Cosplay Crisis still attracts new players from time to time, even though they don't interact with the gamepage.

This brought to my attention something: the use of the word "r*tard" in the game's intro. This is a pretty serious slur, and I had entirely forgotten about its presence, but seeing it I felt a pang of guilt and disappointment in my younger self.

I obviously don't speak like that anymore, and while I could make the excuse of it being a 'different time' back then, honestly 2011-2012 it was still a pretty shit word to use. Kumo, the culprit, isn't exactly a thoughtful noodle about it either, and I have a vague recollection of putting it in to reflect the fact he can be kind of a dick, but regardless of my intentions it has no place in the game at all, and especially not one that is not countered or addressed as being shitty by the rest of the cast.

So, if you saw it and felt hurt by it, by my use of it, I apologise, deeply and sincerely. It was wrong, I was wrong to use it, and I completely understand if you choose not to forgive me for it, because there are no excuses. Please do not try to excuse me in the comments here, nor do not accept the apology if this meant nothing to you - it is not for you. I should've known better, and that's the long and short of it.

My gut tells me there are probably other examples somewhere in the game. I could very much just upload a version with those pieces of dialogue removed, but...given the state of the game, I might as well do another bug purge, fix up mapping errors, and repair any incongruities in the narrative, if I'm in a position of obligation to upload. I still remember exactly what the plot was, ten years after the fact.

So consider this a formal announcement of an Anniversary Edition/3.0, which I'll release 10 years to the day of 2.2's upload. More likely than not, I'll still have bugs. The fact the game runs is a miracle in and of itself. But it won't have frankly alarming and poor word choices which'll be nice.

I'll save any further details for later, as the first part of this is really the important bit, but feel free to ask questions (or request features?) in the comments below.


if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I use TTFN all the time. Tigger is awesome <3
I use TTFN all the time. Tigger is awesome <3

Ah yes, just a couple of Aussies that can't get over the famous "Ta Ta For Now" phrase. =D
Download files missing-including RGSS102E.dll file, an incomplete file mislabeled ~$limb Circle'.doc(162bytes), and some others....
could you please re-upload the files? The file size is19.8MB, download size says 19.0MB and the download button says 20.8MB.I've already tried to download the file twice and unzipped it but no success.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
The RGSS102E.dll file was not included in the 2.2 download, and the Climb Circle document definitely shouldn't have been included because it was a design document relating to a scene in Cosplay Crisis.
I distinctly remember deleting those files from the demo's folder.
In order to play this game you need to have the RMXP RTP installed. The final version will not have this requirement.

If you have the RTP installed and it still isn't working, I will re-upload the file.
Thanks SorceressKyrsty, I already had the VX RTP installed, did not know if I needed the XP RTP,so I installed that too. Game looks great(works fine now). =D
Great begining btw, will Aeris have a path? Her path was cut off in the English version of FF7.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Hmm, path? I'm not quite sure what you mean.

Aeris isn't a playable character in this game but she does end up becoming a focus of Kumo's goals and decisions. A main and severe difference between FF7's Aeris Gainsborough and CC's Air Wreath is that Air does not die- at least in this story. Her non-playability is a big factor in this.

Air will be making several appearances in CC, though.
Damn, the text doesn't show. At all.
I won the demo btw Kyrsty, Its cool :p
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
@dezz123: Do you know how to install fonts? There's a packaged file included with the demo with the font file in it.

If you don't it is detailed in the comments somewhere- but you can PM me if you need more info. C:
lies i was promised zombie/rpg crossover action you made me sad n0 c00kies for you my friend...
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Check the screenshots. Zombies don't show up in the first 30 minutes of gameplay -_-
Hey Kyrsty do you have a date in mind when this is going to be done?
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I'm aiming for September, hopefully. We'll see how it goes regarding my school work/other duties.
im sad this game doesn't have the coolest ff character "Beatrix"
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Actually i want to submit this as a review but an error keep occured so i posted this in the comment.

Cosplay Crisis
It's not Buster Sword, It's Buster Bazzoka.

We start at Nostalgic scene where Avalanche no i mean LANDSLIDE attack soldier in reactor, the scene continue until our main character Kumo left alone with his partner Levi to set the bomb and face boss battle.

Like the title said it's a cosplay, when our character take Cloud role as main character.
The good thing is they still retain their personality so we will see Squal that talk to much and Cloud who.
Altough the demo pretty short and only show scene that almost same as FF7 Intro, in the end of the demo quite interesting and give a hint what really happened in this game.
Its make make want to know what happened next.

Mapping look nice altough somtime its confuse me which one the wall or the tile (like in the Reactor-Inside) its better to use roof autotile to separate them.
Also in map Reactor-Entrance and Reactor-Inside, the event to transfer located in side of the map, but you didn't put any sign where the event located. And its confuse me altough i manage to go after walking all tile in the side.

Other than that you need some work in the area where event happened.
For example in the map where Kumo jump from the train.
The charset and the event is placed in the bottom area and if the text window show up make event hard to see.

Music use midi version of Final Fantasy BGM.

The battle use original battler and i said its quite good altough several pose kind a weird but its really not a problem.
The battle system interface similiar to FF7, right now i can't said anything else because there no new feature or skill in the demo, make the battle little boring because mostly there no strategy required except in boss battle.
Also is there some problem with battler position? I kind a confuse because in the battle screen, In the up i see Levi, Kumo then Zane battler yet in the HP Bar interface they have different position (Kumo, Levi, Zane) Actually it's make me confuse when i want to use item, sometime i chose wrong person to heal.

It's good game. Its short but interesting and manage to make me said "what gonna happened next"
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
@Lusty: thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate it! :D

Map-wise, I did make a few different faults with it and I'm fixing those up.

Also, once I'm finished with the game overall I plan on going back through the dialogue and setting it up like FF7 or FF8, with text-fitted windows that aren't on top of the characters.

As for the battle interface, if you have a look at the screenshots, I've recently gotten it fixed and it isn't so confusing anymore C:
Yeah i check at the image folder, the battle interface have been fixed sorry for not noticing.

Btw it's seem the review is fix and up.