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Name: Kumo Atsureki
Age: 19
Occupation: Paper Boy/'Soldier of Fortune' (currently being paid to work as a partner for one of Forest's operatives).

The protagonist of the game, Kumo is a reserved young man with a fairly arrogant attitude and the tendency to be a bit cold and pull smart-arsery. He is very good at his job, which currently is being Levi's hired partner. Luckily, Kumo and Levi knew each other prior to this match up (or else they probably would've killed each other). Kumo tends to be very ignorant, whether it be on purpose or not. He frequently denies things he doesn't want to know about or ignores problems. Though this has gotten him through so far, it will most likely end in tragedy if he doesn't learn to accept things. Between him and Levi, Kumo is much more flighty while Levi is very down to earth, which may provoke fights between them but generally makes it a perfect match-up in terms of attitude and skills.
Despite his short comings, Kumo is a fairly dedicated young man under the surface. He loves his younger brother dearly and cares for his two greatest friends as though they were also his family. He is an avid motorbike enthusiast and has a fairly developed collection of them through his payouts.
Kumo loathes milkshakes and milk in general. He can't remember why, though.
Interesting Fact: Kumo has a fanclub in the game.

Name: Levi Raionomoi
Age: 19
Occupation: Sapling (title given to Forest's elite mercenaries.)

Cold and generally cruel, Levi is even worse than Kumo attitude-wise, however his anti-socialness generally means he avoids people anyway. Renowned for his accuracy with a gun and his sharp tongue, Levi's little known traits are his cunning and ability to come up with strategies. Levi was involved with the Banora incident of 2007 and as a result he has a fear of zombies. He also is afraid of two-wheeled vehicles and has been since he was four, since his mother was riding a bicycle when she was hit by a car.
Levi tends to hide behind a mask of reservation, snide remarks and alcohol in order to conceal his true opinions and feelings. He has his share of worries, too, which he also hides in order to avoid the usual 'are you ok' or 'what's wrong', which annoys him to no end. Levi can seem rather pedantic at times, but this generally means he is incredibly efficient when it comes to missions. It also means his house is very tidy.
Interesting Fact: Levi has a fanclub in the game as well. And a fan club in real life.
No, really.

Name: Miri Joumaeshin
Age: 19
Occupation: Second in command of the Omniax rebellion (LANDSLIDE).
A young woman with a fierce determination to make the world a better place, beginning with the fall of Omniax. Headstrong yet caring and energetic, Miri takes to life with a live day-by-day attitude, usually creating plans or ideas just days before they are to be carried out. Miri lost her mother five years ago when her home town of Miehlebin was burnt to the ground. She's a skilled martial artist, but if she becomes fanatic about an idea or plan she has the tendency to fall flat on her face.

Name: Shadz Barentain
Age: 20?
Occupation: Unknown
A mysterious man who seems to know more than he should. Very well informed about the goings-on at Omniax and the general order of things, he usually only explains what he has to.
Your party meet him soon after a battle with a strange monster, yet he doesn't join the party until later at the Fairgrounds.
He quickly gains a reputation for being a smart ass, and eventually finds a kindred spirit and a friend in Levi, their cynicism allowing them to form a fairly tight bond. However, they tend to argue due to Shadz being fairly secretive and Levi having issues.

Name: Kyer Shinyuri
Age: 19
Occupation: LANDSLIDE member
Kyer is a very bold, determined and stubborn young woman fighting to rid a small town in Ivalicia of Omniax's influence. She speaks with her heart and fights for what she believes in, not afraid to push forward through resistance. She's headed to Tokyo because of rumours Omniax is going to be hitting there next, as well as a whisper that a particular man with a fur collar is going to be there...a man she met a year ago at her sister's Sapling graduation.
Kyer is inexperienced in battle, trying to work for a peaceful method of getting rid of Omniax. As a result, a few of the other battle-hardened members worry about her. You meet Kyer the same time Shadz joins your party and she joins as an available member straight off.

Lulu Shinyuri (Kyer's sister)
Age: 17
Occupation: Sapling (title given to Forest's elite mercenaries.)
Lulu has an innate habit of getting on people's nerves. For some reason, Levi seems to be able to deal with her, but that's probably because he's used to it- they went to the orphanage and have worked together on some occasions (much to Levi's displeasure). She joined the Forest ranks in a desperate attempt to gain her father's attention and pride, since he only ever focused on Kyer- even going so far to leave her at the orphanage when her and Kyer's mother died when she was 4. Despite this she manages to keep an upbeat, bright attitude. She's in Tokyo to attend the Cosplay Week, as well as track down a Forest student who recently escaped from solitary detention. When Levi realizes he's up to no good, he lets Lulu join the party. Levi has a very good reason to be tracking him down...

Although unplayable, these characters all cross paths with your party and are essential components of the Cosplay Crisis universe.

Leon(ard) S. Kendall
Age: 23
Occupation: Currently in training as a government agent, member of a secret division of LANDSLIDE
An old friend of Levi's. Apparently they met during the Banora incident but neither will give clear details. Usually busy, he and Levi don't see each other much, but they're good friends and get together occasionally with other friends of theirs.
Associated Characters:
Clara Bluefield
Also a friend of Levi's. Her, Leon and Levi stuck together for most of the Banora incident, though Clara did leave them behind a few times while looking for her brother.
Kris Bluefield
Clara's brother. Up until mid 2009, Levi and Leon had never met him. They're good friends now though, though Levi sometimes claims Kris is 'a bit thicker than the rest of us'. Whether he means this literally or figuratively is unknown. (Could be either)

Air Wreath
Age: 18
A bright young woman Kumo happens to cross paths with. Enraptured by her cheery attitude and her resemblance to Aeris, Kumo will occasionally let his mind wander and think of her as the game progresses.

Members: Jessica, Biggs, Wedge, Warren, Miri (Acaridae Division), Kyer, Area, D.B (Oak Division) Leon, Clara, Kris, Levi (A.B.T.O)

A group of people determined to stop Omniax from sapping energy out of the planet. There are many other divisions beside the main one in Acaridae, including the 'secret' one referenced as the A.B.T.O (Anti Bio-Terror Organization). They all have the goal of bringing Omniax down, though they do have different reasons and proposed methods of doing so.
Some, though categorized as LANDSLIDE members, do not openly associate themselves as part of the organization, especially the A.B.T.O (Levi would never admit to being part of LANDSLIDE). The catalog listing, however, lists them as official members. It is unknown where the catalog is located.