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Everything… is everything in our existence just a replica of someone elses?

Your identity defines who you are. But what if you couldn’t have your own identity, or it was being eclipsed by someone elses? What would you do about it?
Kumo Atsureki is your typical 19 year old…if typical 19 year old did mercenary work for a living. His latest mission, however, will trigger a chain of events that will not only force him to face the past and define his identity, but uncover deadly secrets that have laid buried for generations. What is the C-Virus? Who is behind it? These questions and more await you…

Cosplay Crisis is a Final Fantasy crossover fan game that has been in the works for the last three years. Boasting custom battle graphics, Final Fantasy VII’s classic Materia system and remastered and remixed tracks (including Maybe Blue Fields Await and Still More Fighting), Cosplay Crisis is a unique Final Fantasy experience taking place in a new albeit similar world.


Cosplay Crisis is a complete full-length RPG (stemming upwards of 9 hours in length depending how you play). If issues DO crop up, please check this list of unfixable bugs before ranting at me about them ^^''

-Anything with materia.
-If you save on the world map once you have the Ragnarok, close the program, and re-open it, your ship will be back in Tokyo. For the love of christ, don't do it!
-The 'Blasting Zone' animation appears over the Battle Status. I fiddled with it far too much as it is, so I left it.
-There's some issues with the item menu and the battle status when in battle. I have tried MULTIPLE TIMES to fix this, and haven't been successful. I'm sorry guys, I'm not a programmer, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.
-Some bosses in the final battles don't appear immediately. I don't know why that happens- I've tried fiddling with it but couldn't fix it.
-Common event skills don't update the battle status straight away (1000 Needles and Shock). I tried to fix this, too, but couldn't fathom a way to fully refresh the battle status through the common event call...so it has been left.
-If you try to save when CC is lagging or you have a ridiculous amount of saves (depends on your computer- my one is quite powerful, so I have about 45 saves and don't get this) the save system MAY hang. I recommend playing CC without anything else open so it has lots of RAM to chew through. RMXP's fault, not mine. The anti-'script is hanging' script didn't play well with CC, before you suggest it.
-If you use a Kumo/Levi limit break while critical, the characters won't reappear immediately. I'm not sure why this is, and haven't got a clue how to fix it.

Latest Blog

This is it.

Ok guys. I probably won't be releasing anything else for this game in terms of playable content. Yeah, no 3.0 with the new run system. I really don't feel like it any more and I'm working on other things.
I'm declaring Cosplay Crisis finished unless massive game breaking bugs suddenly rear their heads.

Also: I AM NEVER MAKING A SEQUEL. Cosplay Crisis will not share that with Final Fantasy. Why? Because I don't think I can stick to the original premise well enough in any sort of continuation of the story.

If you would like clarification on any plot elements I didn't elaborate on (Yagami is probably in this list) feel free to PM me, since I do have all those explanations planned out. In retrospect it was probably silly to include them, but oh well.


The speach he made in disc to, Rinoa comes up and says you realy sounded like a leader back there, Squall says "Whatever...".

I still think Levi is the best though. :D
this is only slightly related to the game but it has something to do with final fantasy and its cool. I GOT FINAL FANTASY XIII!
Oh you lucky bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

You're so lucky man i wish i had 13, however i saw the trailor... it looks just too advanced for me like it looks to futuristic i think stuff like that would kinda ruin the story line a bit.
doesnt ruin it to me. it does have a complicated system though.
im stuck on a VERY hard boss.
Oh i know the feeling of being on a hard boss in Final Fantasy games. =D
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Can we discuss FF13 somewhere else, please? This profile is for Cosplay Crisis, not FF13.

FF13 is not in this game. The Final Fantasies available on PS1 (7,8,9) are in this game, no others.
Haha :D
And great game. I just played the latest version and I thought it was awesome... I haven't completed it all the way, but I plan on doing soon. I might post up a review when I can be bothered :)
Or shall I wait for the full game, so I have more to go on?
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Whatever suits your fancy. I honestly don't know how long it'll take me to finish this, but I'm aiming for September-October. At best.

I get demotivated easily. BUT I have gotten a fair way past what you can play in the demo. What I have is about 2 to 2 and a half hours long, so =/.
I'll wait for the full release xD
i tried the new demo and there was not any text in battle or on the title
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
The text file is included in the download, PF Tempesta Seven. It needs to be installed in /WINDOWS/Fonts. Just decompress the font file and copy/paste the files into the Fonts folder. Easy-peasy ;).
oh.... thanks! ill post again if it doesnt wok or i find something new
How do i decompress?
i havent even heard that word before.
Plus i cant find the font folder.... do i have to make it......
How do i decompress?
i havent even heard that word before.
Plus i cant find the font folder.... do i have to make it......

Drag the folder and it will auto Decompress.

If you can't find it google the Font name and download it then DeCompress the File.
How do i decompress?
i havent even heard that word before.
Plus i cant find the font folder.... do i have to make it......

After you unzip Cosplay Crisis, look inside the game's folder for one labeled Fonts.

Look in that folder, and you'll see 8 files named pf_tempesta_seven...

Copy all 8 of those fonts and paste them into Window's own font folder.

To find Window's Font folder, go to My Computer > Local Disk (C: Drive) > Windows > Fonts

As for "decompress", it's used in reference to unzipping and un-raring any zip and rar archives which are usually compressed to reduce size and save space

"Decompress" has nothing to do with installing fonts though, as the font files themselves are not already compressed.
I GIVE UP! unless you make it that the fonts are REASY when i download im not playing....... BYE FOR NOW SUCKA!
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Your loss. If you can't understand the simple, clear instructions that Segnin gave you, then it's not my fault.

The final version will have an ultimate font override meaning that if you don't have this font it will automatically use Arial or some such. But I wasn't going to put that into my game when I thought that installing a font would be simple enough for everyone.

TTFN, 'sucka'.
Just download the font and drag it in the folder, no need to get upset over it Krysty is the only person putting in real effort here.

Kyrsty you use TTFN aswel like me somtimes, i thought people didn't still use it. =D