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Hopefully, this is the last of them. I think it probably is, as my final tester was VERY thorough (and unbelievably fast).

- If you were one of the first 50 downloaders, you'll have to romp through the cave twice to get the crystal. I'm very sorry about this, and there is a blog post if you're interested in how sorry I am exactly. :P

- In the town of Lanfros, in one of the houses, talking to one girl from the left side causes a graphic change which makes her appear as a full coloured dude.

- Not exactly a bug per say, but you have to click on your keys, passes, badges, etc for them to actually grant you access to new places. This includes the FLAMING Sword and the Holy Cherub.

- Passability errors which may or may not seem awkward. I was thinking 'dragon quest' when I did them this way, most people are probably thinking sean's an idiot.

- Gate Key 3 does not exist... I added it, but it has since disappeared? I have reloaded it for the new version coming tonight.

- You can kill the guard of the Holy Cherub as many times as you want. He won't disappear.

- MAJOR BUG: At the final act, you'll have a level 20 version of yourself along for the ride. While this has also been fixed for the new version, you're going to have to think of it as maybe the spiritual entity of your character's undying strength of will... or something... Anyway, makes beating the last boss a cinch.

What we can learn from this is, while last minute changes can be a great thing, I should never be the one in charge of implementing them. The new version also has some extra features thrown in for better gameplay, but they aren't bugs, so I'm not going to mention them.