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The idea behind the game is setting up a single quest to be a bite sized episode with beginning, middle, and ending. It'll turn out like this: accepting of a job, dungeon crawl, climax, and then resolution.

The narrative is split into story arcs that are self contained. Each chapter has its own beginning, middle, and end.

The game is light-hearted with some pop culture references here and there. I like to throw in a lot of jokes. But while comedy is present at most times, drama is put in during appropriate moments.

The gameplay is like any other RPG. You fight battles, solve puzzles, dungeon crawl, and kill bosses. To spice things up, there will be additions to these elements.

Presently, the game is in RPG Maker VX, but the project is slowly being transferred to VX Ace.

Latest Blog

Skills Revamp

In my original plan, all three characters were supposed to have skills based on their personality quirks. Larc is based on gambling, Doc based on talking, and Maria based on drinking. I did not like how Larc and Doc's direction were going and Maria was a little too convoluted. In light of this, I decided to revamp everyone's skills.

For the most part, Doc will have minor changes. Being the traditional healer, he gains skills through leveling up and for the most part heal the party. Simple, boring, but easy to manage.

Larc's skill set has completely changed. Instead of being the gambler, I designed him to be the meat shield of the group. At his disposal will be "tank" skills. He's able to provoke enemies and cover allies when they are weak. These abilities will cost no mana, but they have a cooldown to prevent spamming these abilities. On the offensive end, he will be able to stun enemies and debuff them. In order to balance the offensive skills out, I made them cost mana and limited his mana pool for at most 1 skill for lower levels. In order to regain MP, the player will have to use those defensive skills I was talking about earlier. I hope players will realize that Larc's skills are best used for good opportunity instead of spamming to their heart's delight.

For the most part, Maria's functions remain the same. She'll be the main damage dealer through charging her MP and unleashing her abilities. (Well, her normal attacks are the highest in the group too.) But instead of having her abilities being able to be unlocked right off the bat, I wanted to spread them out. Now, players will have to find certain drinks that will unlock skills and recover MP. To use drinks, players will have to use the "Tools" skill. To use her unlocked skills, players will have to use her "Blitz" skill. Yes, that is an homage to Final Fantasy 3/6.

Once I get the basic structure of battles, it should be easy to finish chapters 1 and 2. All that would remain is balancing battles. Hopefully, I strike the right chord instead of having the damn combat too difficult.
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  • 03/12/2010 02:00 AM
  • 07/14/2012 06:27 AM
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Maps look pretty nice. I like the idea behind this project. Sub'd. Keep working on this.
This game looks quite good. If I knew how to sub this, I would.
-points to the upper right-hand corner near the project's star rating-

who am i and how did i get in here
I hope you plan on making this game huge! Making this game as big and as classical as a game like Lufia 1 and 2, Chrono Trigger 1, and Secret of Mana. When I talk those 3 games, I am talking about the fun factor. The story of the game. The gameplay. The characters. Been watching some of your work. Its looking pretty good. Remember though, good games don't need profanity, or anything like that. Bigger more respectful, classical and epic or high valued games respect all perspectives and players. But I have to say, your project is looking nice. Can't wait to beta test it. Good Luck!
Eheeheehee I love these kinds of games, can't wait to try this out :D Please don't abandon this project ◕ ‿ ◕
I played a bit of the demo and the music was delightful.
I'm glad you liked my taste in music. XD I shamelessly picked up Yoko Kanno's pieces from Cowboy Bebop and Darker than Black.
It was great.I loved the demo & the comedy was awesome especially Doc,he thinks that larc talks the most of the group but he is the one who is talking always.Overall great demo.9/10
Knowing there is a bigger demo coming I didn't invest far into this one, but overall everything looks good. The mapping works well for VX, and I enjoyed the humor. The rate in which characters miss in attacks seemed sort of high, and that might need to be adjusted, and there were a few grammar/spelling mistakes, as well as missing words.
There is some kind of bug at the beggining, in that stairs puzzle... I pressed the first red button but now the stair leading out disappeared and I'm stuck.
Really like your mapping and custom tilesets, great event and solid scripting. Keep up the good work, bud!
There is some kind of bug at the beggining, in that stairs puzzle... I pressed the first red button but now the stair leading out disappeared and I'm stuck.

Ah, I thought I had squashed those bugs, but I guess it slipped by me. >< The wrong switch gets turned off when you press the lever a second time. You'll have to start over. =(
I did download and tried this game out, mostly because I like non-linear RPGs and am making my own non-linear RPG in RPG Maker 2003.

I did like it for a short while. I liked picking plants. I believe in a non-linear RPG like this, you should probably have some customization for your main character. It looks like the main character is already an established character, so I'm thinking it might be cool to choose a class for him at the start of the game.
At some point down the line, I would like to add customization. However, as you pointed out, the problem is trying to fit customization with already established characters. They have to fit with the story, they have to be correctly balanced, etc. I might put in sub-classes as an option, but I haven't too much thought into it.
This game looks pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of one of my feature projects!
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