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Four (Times Two) the Hard Way

  • Craze
  • 05/17/2010 11:19 AM
As heard in the Castle Defender video, the midboss theme ("Way")

How's this for an oddity: In Praise of Peace only has eight speaking roles in the entire game. Those eight characters on the Dramatis Personae page? Yeah. Even Visions & Voices has nine major speaking roles, and then the various shopkeeps and demonic texts. In IPoP, nobody except The Eight talk.

Considering the party only ever consists of the same four people, that means interaction with... anything is going to be odd. Or not! I think I've made it work so far. What this essentially does for me is make it so that I have to focus on the characters and how they react to, well, everything. It should also be fun when I get to the next dungeon, which is one of three that has a "sidekick" NPC occasionally helping out in battle. Actually, this happens during chapter III's major boss battle too, so~!

It also helps my cause that there are no towns or anything like that in the game. Well, let me rephrase that - there are no explorable towns in the game. There are scenes that take place in taverns and whatnot, they're just done skit-style (see the screenshots for what I'm talking about).

Should be an interesting way to further the story! Goodness knows I have enough practice telling everything via character diablogue through three iterations of Diablocide.

Progress update: going to start adding battles and chests to chapter III today. I hope to start chapter IV by Wednesday.

Want to grab some glory? Read the end of this blog post.


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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I will name a unique piece of equipment after anybody who can tell me which videogame hottie loves to yell "time to grab some glory!" waaaaaay too often (not that I truly mind)!

EDIT: Welp, after posting this I realized I just made it even easier than it should be.
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