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Javascript version, Mac compatibility, featured-ness, other things...

So the main reason I'm updating the blog is that I just added another download for the game, this being a version of The LCPANES Terminal in HTML5/javascript. A while ago it was brought to my attention that on Mac computers, it wasn't possible to make selections at choices. This new version should fix that problem, so I'm going to go ahead and set it as the main download. (additionally, this should be playable on a mobile devices, if you care to try)

Next up, by this point, everything that's included in the game is definitive as far as typos/routing goes. I deliberately shut up about theories and intentions while this game was featured because at that point, it was "done," and I'd prefer the work to stand alone without any additional creator's notes or interpretations. It was a little surreal to have this game featured seeing as how it has zero graphics whatsoever, but I hope those who noticed it through the RMN front page enjoyed the game. (wow, that's only what, 3 months late? oh well)

Oh, and the reason this JS viewer was made was because of another VN project in the works... if you enjoyed the writing in this story, I'm currently working on Snowbound, which you can follow here. PentagonBuddy's also working on this, but we're holding off on an RMN page for a little bit.